Peer Mentorship Pilot

Are you a woman (cis/trans) feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out in the middle of your game development career? Pixelles is launching a pilot program to help build womens’ support networks and exchange knowledge, using unbiased third-party human resources. This “co-development” or peer mentorship group will meet once a month in Montreal for 6 months, facilitated in coordination with Gamma HR.

Your participation or interest in this group will be kept in strictest confidence — neither Pixelles nor Gamma HR will communicate with anyone else about your involvement with this program.

Who is this for?
* Any woman (cis/trans) who has worked for 3 or more years professionally, full-time, who wants to build her support network
* This pilot is only for women employed by companies with 15 or more employees
* All roles are welcome (whether production or auxiliary roles such as QA, community management, marketing, user research, etc)

What is a co-development group?
Co-development groups meet and focus on interactions in order to improve their professional practice. Sometimes there are exercises or discussion topics, all to help each other manage and overcome challenges they encounter regularly on the job. It’s a relatively new technique growing in popularity, and this pilot program hopes to find out whether it’s appropriate and helpful to women looking for assistance with their game development career.

Where and when?
Every meeting is 1-2 hours in downtown Montreal, once a month, for 6 months. We will find a weekday evening that works for everyone (if possible) and provide light snacks to hold you over until dinner. It’s important that all members attend every meeting, since the co-development process requires steady building of trust and confidence.

Why only women?
Burnout and churn in game development is notoriously high, for all genders. There is anecdotal evidence that it may be even higher for all non-masculine genders, and particularly women of color. The purpose of Pixelles is to empower women to create and change games. Thus, this pilot program will stick very closely to our experience and expertise, focusing on the needs of women at present, with the hopes to grow over time to potentially include more gender identities.

Why is it restricted to larger companies and 3+ years of experience?
Women across the industry experience burnout, isolation, and every other struggle — however, the struggles of indies, start-ups, and new hires are different, with different setbacks and strategies, so they should have a separate co-development group. This first pilot is addressing the greatest need in our Montreal community at present, which (according to our information gathering) is primarily represented in larger companies. If this pilot program is successful, we hope to expand and allow for multiple groups, representing different needs.

You are welcome to send questions or suggestions to

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