Audio, Visual Art and Polish

It’s week 5 everyone! You’re probably panicking at this point the weeks seem to have passed at lightning speed. Or perhaps there’s been an elusive bug that’s been haunting your entire weekends? Don’t worry. This is normal game dev life.

Narrative Design and intro to Assets

It’s week 4 now and we’re well on our way. We got a look at our incubees’ progress and everyone has really solidified their ideas! We’re deep into construction at this point: with a lot of the framework locked down,

Game Design and Internal Playtest

It was a really fun day for our incubees this week, as we revealed to each other the progress of everyone’s games! As we’re now halfway through the 6-week incubator, by now many of you may have added the first

Programming and intro to MDA

Second session down – lots to talk about! Everyone had the chance to try out some tutorials and we were impressed with the clarity people had in their game visions. If you’re having a hard time getting clarity, try forming

Introductions and inspirations

The incubator has now officially started for 2018! Our 10 participants met together for the first time and were joined by some alumnae as well. Many of you are undoubtedly excited to start and this blog post is certainly the

Meet the participants of the 6th Pixelles Game Incubator

Firstly, we just want to thank everyone for sending in your applications. You are all amazing women with talents of your own right, and with so many applicants it’s an extremely difficult task. We have tried to pick a group

Missed the PGI6 Info Session?

A big thank you to everyone who made it out to the info session! If you couldn’t make it out to the info session you can still view the presentation to see what you might’ve missed! It summarizes the whole

Pixelles Writing Group Showcase

When: Tuesday, May 30st, 2017 from 7-9pm Where: GamePlay Space – 1435 St Alexander St, Montreal Primary language: English content Cost: Free Join us on the evening of Tuesday, May 30th as we celebrate the accomplishments of the writing group participants! For

An extensive list of free narrative game engines

While writing the most recent mailout for the Pixelles Game Writing Group Follow-Along program, we ended up with a really long list we wanted to share with our writers but ran out of space. And not only that, we believed

Jouez aux jeux du 5e incubateur de jeu Pixelles!!

Vous pouvez maintenant jouer aux jeux de notre cinquième incubatuer de jeu! Cette année, nous avons eu un nouveau record de 19 jeux qui ont été créé dans notre incubateur et notre programme à distance! Un gros merci à tout

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