Meet Pixelles Ensemble at GDC17

Our GDC Scholarship program, Pixelles Ensemble, is excited to be bac at GDC with a whole new host of amazing women, nonbinary, and genderqueer game developers For many, attending this conference is not only an inspiration but also a career

Pixelles’ Guide to GDC and San Francisco

Is it your first time going to GDC? Maybe you didn’t have a great experience in previous years? We’ve created two guides to help Pixelles Ensemble, our scholarship program, and anyone else make the most out of attending GDC, in

Lessons From Montreal International Game Summit 2015

by Pixelles correspondent Mariko McDonald, a.k.a. Gamerwife. All photography by @MIGS__ This year I had the great fortune of attending the Montreal International Games Summit, or MIGS, on behalf of Pixelles. For those not familiar, MIGS is an annual conference

Picnic Social II

When: Sunday, August 24th @ 2-5pm Where: Parc Lafontaine, north of the Felix statue near the Calixee-Rachel entrance. Facebook event You’re invited to our open air, in-the-park, picnic social! We love summer, we love games, and most of all, we

Pixelle Profile: Alicia Fortier

by Tanya X. Short It’s been awhile since our previous Pixelle Profile, so with a bit of poking, here’s a new one. Hopefully we can try to do them a bit more often, to give insight into what it’s like

Pixelles Picnic (Social)!

When: Saturday, July 19th @ 2-5pm Where: Parc Lafontaine Facebook event You’re invited to our open air, in-the-park, picnic social! We love summer, we love games, and most of all, we want to celebrate that with a safe-space, super

Pixelle Profile: Jessica Rose Marcotte

by Tanya X. Short When researching Jessica Rose Marcotte, you can find something along these lines: Jessica Rose Marcotte is a writer and editor currently completing a Masters in Creative Writing at Concordia University. She is the managing editor for Matrix

GAMERella: Accomplishments and After-Thoughts

by Charlotte Fisher, Pixelles Game Jam Coordinator Only a week ago, TAG members and I were buzzing around, preparing for GAMERella, a girl game jam which targeted women and first-time game makers (though everyone was welcome to participate). We sat

The Future of Romance in Games

by Yeti Despite being a long time gamer, I am still very new and fresh to the actual gaming industry itself and all its inner workings. So, I was incredibly excited when I was asked if I wanted to attend

Men are From Earth, Women are Also From Earth

by Lana Polansky The usual protocol when transgressing through a Nerd Threshold is to naturally assume that “normal” people think they know what you’re up to, and they don’t much approve of it. Once inside, say, a convention or a

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