Workshop: Intro to 3ds Max Animation

When: 7-9pm, Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Where: Notman House, 51 Sherbrooke Ouest
Language: English

Starting out with animation in 3ds Max can be daunting but workshop leader, Nadia Miltcheva, you’ll have the basics down in no time!

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Principles of animation along with hands-on examples
  • Practice animating basic shapes in 3ds Max
  • Learn the basic workspace in 3ds Max for animation
  • Exporting your animation

Before attending, you must: Install 3ds Max

There’s a 30-day trial version and, also, a free license for students/educators available. 3ds Max is for Windows only but you can still install the program on Macs with a virtual machine. We wrote a step-by-step install guide with Virtual Box if you need to do this.

Follow Along at Home

Download the slides and the max scene to get started.

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