Pixelles Ensemble FAQ

Please don’t hesitate to write us at info@pixelles.ca if you have any more questions or need clarification on anything. We’ll be happy to answer you.

Q: Do I need to be located in Montréal, Québec?
No, you can be from anywhere in the world, as long as, you are legally able to travel to the United States. You are responsible for acquiring your own visa (if necessary), travel costs and arrangements. We will try to help you where we can!

Q: Do I need to present/appear as feminine to be part of the scholarship program?
No, you don’t need to look feminine to be part of Pixelles Ensemble. You are 100% accepted and welcome no matter how you express your gender identity.

Q: I’m currently employed in the games industry but in HR, accounting, acquisitions, marketing, and/or other non-production roles. Can I still apply?
Yes, you are very much part of this games industry too. Your role is just as important and integral as those in production. Please do apply!

Q: I am unemployed/in-between jobs right now. Can I still apply?
Absolutely, yes!

Q: I’m short just a few months of the 3 years requirement.
If you’re at 2.5, it’s okay if you round up. We won’t tell anyone. By the time GDC comes around, you’ll be practically there anyway.

Q: I’m not sure if what I’ve done or if my experience counts towards the 3+ years.
Apply anyway! But if it’d help you feel more confident, then feel free email us at info@pixelles.ca and we’ll happily chat about it with you.

Q: Is there a stipend for financial assistance in getting to GDC
Thanks to our sponsorship efforts, we usually are able to provide some stipends for anyone who needs them. While we can not confirm the exact amount, please do apply anyway. We’ll try our hardest to hustle and provide some help!

Q: Why are there spots in your scholarship specifically reserved for people who are from an underrepresented country and/or a parent
Pixelles is trying something a little bit more radical with our program by actively supporting “coup de coeur” causes. Our co-development program aim to helps mid-career moms and we are expanding that support, within the context of this GDC scholarship, to all parents. Inspired by last year’s #1ReasonToBe panel and the GDC State of the Industry report, we really want to see different voices, from around the world, given an opportunity to pursue career development and networking opportunities at GDC. Underrepresented countries are those from

Q: If I applied for the DMG Convoy, IGDA programs, I Need Diverse Games or any other GDC Scholarship opportunity, can I also apply for the “Pixelles Ensemble at GDC”?
Yes you can! We don’t discriminate if you applied for other opportunities but you will be awarded only 1 pass. This pass is non-transferrable so it cannot be given to a friend, partner, or colleague.

Q: When will I hear back?
You should receive a response from us by mid-November. GDC is a week long event taking place from March 18th to 22nd, 2018. We encourage you to schedule your absence from work, school, etc before then to make sure you can attend the conference.

Q: Why can’t men apply for this?
We welcome applicants by trans men, gender neutral individuals who were AMAB, and folks who, at times, identify as a man. The games industry suffers from a lack of gender diversity and is primarily composed of cisgender men (those who were born a man and identify as a man). Pixelles’ mandate tries to encourage those gender identities who may feel marginalized by this industry. If you’re a cisgender man there are other GDC Scholarship opportunities, organized by various groups, which you’re welcome to apply for (if you are eligible): http://www.gdconf.com/attend/scholarships.html.

About Pixelles
Pixelles is a non-profit initiative committed to helping more women make and change games. We're based in Montreal, and have already succeeded in building a supportive community of game creators, both hobbyist and professional.

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