Follow Along

What is the Follow Along?

Make a video game alongside the Pixelles Game Incubator V from the comfort of your home!

After each week’s session, we’ll be posting a summary and the homework assignment. You will get a reminder email every week, linking you to plenty of resources, the slides from our mentors, and a suggestion of how to progress in the work timeline. Follow along at home and make a game on your own time without the stress of our deadlines, or needing to be present in Montreal. You’ll gain access to any community “work-on-our-game” get togethers and, of course, our support! Feel free to e-mail, tweet, or Facebook at any time to get feedback on your game.

You will also have the option to sign up for a Pixelles alumna to help motivate you via email. They will check in with you from time to time, keep track of your individual progress, and keep you up-to-date with community events. They will act as your go-to officer if you ever need a dedicated helping hand to point you in the right direction!

Find out what it’s like to Follow Along at home by reading about Jessica Marcotte’s experience!

Who can Follow Along?

  • Located anywhere in the world
  • Everyone of all genders, skill levels, and age
  • Have a computer
  • You’re inspired and ready to make your 1st video game

Meetups / Group Work Sessions

Follow-Along participants are invited to our extra work sessions. There, you can get help and support other first-time game-makers! Exploring your ideas or even talking about bugs with other people can be extremely helpful, since they may already have encountered and solved that same problem you’re experiencing. See you there!

When: Saturdays from Jan 7th to Feb 11th, inclusive
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Where: Gameplay Space, 1435 Rue St Alexandre (Metro Place-des-Arts)

Sign Up!

You can officially sign up for this part of the program to receive notifications of our session summaries, special events, and work sessions.

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