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The Pixelles Game Writing Follow-Along is back!

Do you want to hone your game writing skills from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace? The Pixelles Game Writing Follow-Along is for you! It’s open to everyone, anywhere in the world!

Last year, we witnessed an unprecedented amount of interested in our Game Writing Follow-Along program with 120 participants in French and English! For this new session, our goal is to expand, to provide more support and interaction to all our Follow-Alongers. If you were a Follow-Alonger last year, you’re more than welcome to join us again for this new adventure: we’ll give you more tools to interact with the others participants and receive more feedback on your pieces!

How does the PGW Follow-Along work?

You will receive a writing assignment at the beginning of each month, and after each session of the live group in Montreal, we’ll email you a summary of our meeting. You’ll be able to follow along with our program and write at your own pace. As part of our PGW community, you’ll receive advice, resources and tips about game writing.

This year, we are also creating a Slack channel available to all our Follow-Alongers, where you’ll be able to discuss the theme of the month, ask questions, and share your work with other participants!

Online writing sessions will happen twice a month on the same Slack channel: one of our Follow-Along coordinators will be present for a designated amount of time (likely a couple hours) to help you get past your writing hurdles, and answer questions as you work. Depending on the turn out to these events, there could be shared prompts or discussions concerning material previously sent out in emails.

Who can Follow Along?

  • Anyone from anywhere in the world
  • Everyone of all genders, skill levels, and age
  • If you can write fluently in English or in French. You’re also free to write in any other language, but we can’t promise that you’ll find someone to share your work with on the Slack channel.
  • If you want to take your game writing career to the next level!

Want to sign up?

The Follow Along program has ended for the year, thank you to everyone who participated!

Got questions?

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