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Game Dev Mom Micro Talks

In honor of Mother's Day, Pixelles is featuring micro talks by 🌟 game dev moms 🌟. Hear about the intersection of parenthood x development, leadership, and craft.Virginie D’Amours-Licatese • Leanne "Lan" Roed • Yiyi Zhang • Sura Karnawi • Jennifer Guzzo

May 22nd • Online Event


The Montreal Game Writing Program returns!

Applications Closed

Meet Pixelles Ensemble at GDC24

Fireside Chat:
Indigeneity in Games

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🎉 The Montreal Pixelles Game Writing Program is launching in May!

After a few years of only running the online program, our classic Montreal-based version is returning.Have you been looking to get into writing for video games? Unsure of where to start? Not sure what makes writing for games different then other traditional forms of writing? Been wanting to put together a portfolio? If so, then this program is for you.The target audience of this program is complete beginners who are looking to learn the basics of video game writing and some of the tools of the trade.If you’ve participated in one of our in-person writing programs before, we’d like to ask you not to apply to be in this program to give chances for new people to participate. If you have participated in the online program before, you’re welcome to apply, but priority will be given to people who haven’t participated in any Pixelles Game Writing Programs before.

What’s involved in this Game Writing Program?

The program will run for 10 weeks, from May 12th to July 28th.The group of 8 participants and 3 coordinators will meet online every 2 weeks to discuss resources, assignments, and have feedback sessions. Our first meeting will be in person in Montreal with mandatory masking. These live sessions will be around 2 hours long and will happen on Sundays from 2PM to 4PM. Participants will be expected to put in around 5 hours of work per week. Participants who miss more than 3 sessions will be asked to withdraw from the program.We will also try to organize one or two COVID-cautious social hangouts in the city to give participants a chance to meet up and get to know each other better while not having to discuss class work. The timing of these will be discussed as a group.There will be 5 assignments over the 10 weeks. Participants will have 2 weeks to focus on each assignment.The assignment topics this year are:

  • Character design document

  • Barks

  • Cinematics

  • Quest / Mission design document

  • Choice design & Twine

Participants will have a Discord space with the coordinators to brainstorm, ask questions, and share resources between the live sessions.

Who can apply?

  • Anyone who is not a cisgendered man, and who is based in Montreal

  • Must be over 18 years old

  • Must not have previous game writing experience*

  • Must not have participated in a previous in-person Pixelles Writing Program

  • Can commit to a 10-week program and show up to live sessions

*We are defining previous game writing experience as any position in a studio or any higher education program. If you’ve participated in a game jam or similar that’s fine.

Want to Sign-Up?

Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who has applied! We will be contacting applicants in the next 1-2 weeks.We will be accepting 8 participants to the program.

Have any questions?

Send us an e-mail: writersgroup@pixelles.ca

Pixelles Ensemble @ GDC 2024

Our GDC Scholarship program, the Pixelles Ensemble, is returning to GDC this year with a whole new group of gender marginalized game developers. Through this scholarship, we provide a GDC pass and need-based travel funds, and host events to assist the Ensemble members in feeling welcome, safe, and empowered to pursue their professional goals. For many, attending this conference is an inspiration and a career highlight.Providing opportunities like this to marginalized developers directly improves the games industry and surrounding culture for years to come, by not only increasing the diversity of those who benefit from GDC, but improving GDC itself with their presence and experiences. The Pixelles Ensemble is thrilled to be a part of this changing landscape and, of course, to provide knowledge-sharing, experiences, and a supportive community for all its members.In 2024, the Pixelles Ensemble group comprises mid-career developers with at least 3 years of experience, many of whom are parents, people of colour, or based in underrepresented countries. Many of these developers have never had the chance to attend GDC and we’re honoured to assist them in achieving this career milestone.

Thank you to our supporters!

Big thank you to all our sponsors and partners! Without your generosity and support many of these talented game developers would not be able to attend GDC.

If your studio would like to sponsor Pixelles Ensemble please email us at info@pixelles.ca.

Meet the Pixelles Ensemble at GDC24!

Alina Matson

Co-Founder @ Glossbird Games

I was formerly a mechanical engineer, but loved video games and the impact it makes on people's lives and decided to dedicate my life to it. We founded Glossbird Games in 2022 to create games that make people feel better while improving the game industry.I'm so excited to see the GDC talks (I've watched as many of the free GDC Vault videos on YouTube as possible) and meet folks from the industry who I've been major fans of.

Arundhati (Aruna) Sriraman

Senior Narrative Designer @ Digital Leisure

I’m an indie dev working on an unannounced project - the studio's first story-heavy game. I have previously worked on live games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars. I love video games and TTRPG’s as storytelling mediums, and have a particular love for high fantasy or cozy games.I look forward to reconnecting with the devs I’ve met before. There is no place better than GDC to connect with friends and peers from around the world! I’m also looking forward to meeting new folks and learning from them.

Carolina Ellis

HR & Business Development leader & consultant

I am a passionate leader with over 15 years of experience in games and tech. I have held roles in HR, business development and operations and I have co-founded my own studio. I am looking forward to launching my next studio this year.I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new connections.

Catherine Litvaitis

Community Developer @ Mouldbreaker Interactive

Catherine Litvaitis (she/her) is an experienced community professional from Upstate NY. She finds joy in delighting audiences and fostering inclusive spaces for player expression. You may have seen her work on titles like Bear and Breakfast, In Stars and Time, and BATTLETECH, among 20+ others. When she isn’t championing games, Catherine spends her time cooking, doing improv, and thinking about Neopets.I’ve been scouring the GDC schedule as talks are announced, and I’m SO excited about the variety of speakers and topics this year.

Chride Lassheikki

Game & Narrative Designer @ Nitro Games

Hello! I'm Chride Lassheikki, a non-binary game and narrative designer from Finland. I graduated from Aalto Uni in '22, and I now work at Nitro Games in Helsinki as the designer on the business development team. You might know me from my game jam advocacy work! In my free time I wrangle words, and play both the piano and tabletop games.At GDC, I'm of course looking forward to sponging up learnings at the Narrative Summit — but even more than that, serendipitous meetings and ad hoc coffee grabbing with friends new and old. Maybe that's you?

Daisy Pigeon

Game Designer

Daisy firmly believes that teams who have fun make fun games, which is why you'll find her cracking jokes at every standup. Because she is so short, Daisy has resolved to grow instead by honing her craft of making great games that give people big smiles.Daisy wants to learn about other developers' workflows and processes to find ways to improve her own. Let her absorb your knowledge!

Elsie Rivest

Character artist and CEO/Cofounder @ Studio Kochina

I've always been a fan of 3D, art and special effects, as it blows my mind! Through study of fine arts and fashion design to 3D modeling, I finally found my craft--being a character artist. Along the way, I cofounded an indie studio called Studio Kochina. Our goal is to bring forth content which positively portrays indigenous culture, to have a distinctive and concrete social impact.What I am looking forward the most at GDC is absolutely everything. Being there, meeting people and talking about our game in the making, will be amazing.

Lauren Bond

Narrative Designer @ Wizards of the Coast

As a narrative designer I believe games provide unique opportunities for immersion and storytelling. I am passionate about finding the resonant match between story and mechanics, and building inclusive and diverse worlds. I'm also an avid cosplayer and cat mom, who will excitedly show you pictures of both.For my first time at GDC I am excited to attend the Narrative Summit, the hardest part is going to be choosing which talks to go to!


Writer & Game Designer

Jess is a writer & game designer currently based in Washington state. They've done work for studios like Red Thread Games and Six to Start and have written articles for numerous publications, including the Journal of Games Criticism, WebMD, Big Boss Battle, and more. Much of their work focuses on bringing an anticolonial approach to games.I'm looking forward to meeting new people, going to talks, and seeing old friends!

Jules Engel

PR Manager @ Gearbox Publishing
Studio Producer @ Farewell Games

Hi, I'm Jules! I'm a Brooklyn-based games PR manager with 6+ years in the industry. I'm passionate about connecting developers with journalists, creators, and audiences through shared joy and authentic storytelling. I have a fondness for puzzle games, artful experiences, and petting dogs.This GDC, I'm on a quest to learn all I can from diverse voices and underrepresented perspectives so together we can make the industry a better place for all.

Leene Künnap

CEO, Creative Director, Art Director @Placeholder Gameworks
Creative Director of Death and Taxes

Hi! I am an estonian Indie Game Developer, CEO of Placeholder Gameworks and developer of Death and Taxes. I have a background in design and arts and get really excited about beautiful and coherent visual aesthetics. I also strongly believe in running studios ethically, keeping the teams happy and healthy and changing the world trough interactive experiences.At GDC I am looking forward to form new alliances with other Indie Developers and meet some awesome people!

Margot Blanchard

Lead Designer @ Lowbirth Games

French Montreal-based indie game designer, wielding 5 years of expertise. Since her first game at the Pixelles 5th incubator, she creates serious and social impact games, inspired by her background in Feminist Studies and History. Her recent work includes the award-winning "This Bed We Made."I am really enthusiastic about learning and sharing knowledge about game design, especially narrative design, feminist and queer representation, and social impact game design. I hope to one day give a talk about social impact game design at GDC! I also want to connect with other women and marginalized people to share our perspectives and help each other (et aussi avec les francophones du monde entier!)

Mariana Botero

Senior Sound Designer @ Avalanche Studios

I am originally from Medellin, Colombia, went to a German school, and have done everything from being a bartender and a pastry chef to being stranded in the middle of the jungle surrounded by guerrillas while recording location audio.Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to live in several different countries where I've discovered new audio recording techniques, designed sound for award winning AAA and indie video-games, and found my passion for technical audio design. Most importantly I've learned how to make great mojitos and lasagne (life is better with both).I am looking forward to reconnecting with people in the industry.

Meagan Byrne

Mechanics Designer @ Achimostawinan Games

Meagan Byrne is an Apihtawikosisân (fed: Métis Nation of Ontario) new media artist, game designer, writer, philosopher and founder of Achimostawinan Games (AchimoGames), an Indigenous indie game studio out of Hamilton, Ontario. Recently released her first commercial game "Hill Agency: PURITYdecay." Currently working on a yet to be announced title.What she looks forward to the most at GDC is meeting and chatting with fellow designers and game devs!

Nora Hébert

Audio Lead @ Queensguard Games
Sound Designer @ Ululabs

I'm looking forward to meeting new people in the industry.

Roxanne van Dam

Deputy Lead Programmer @ Die Gute Fabrik

Hi! I’m Rox and I’m a game programmer based in the Netherlands. I currently work at Die Gute Fabrik and worked on their latest released game called Saltsea Chronicles. In my spare time, I love to play (board) games, watch anime, read webtoons, crochet cute animals and play with my pet birds.I’m quite excited since this will be my first time attending GDC. I’m really looking forward to the talks and also meeting new people!

Sabrina Mah

Associate Producer @ Respawn Entertainment

I'm a developer with a passion for creating authentic & diverse characters and stories. I love working with and learning from new disciplines to expand my knowledge of the world of game dev, and when I'm not on the clock, you'll almost always find me glued to a new game.I look forward to meeting other developers and attending advocacy talks!

Skyler Stanley

CTO @ Glowfrog Games

My names Skyler (or Skye for short) I've been in the games industry for almost 10 years now and I'm working with my co-founder to create a people first studio that focuses on heartfelt and cozy games.I'm looking forward to GDC to meet and network with more women and LGBTQ+ people within the industry.

Victoria Caña

Lead Producer @ Riot Games

By day, I’m a Lead Producer at Riot Games where I oversee a multi-disciplinary team of developers building an exciting and new unannounced game. By night, I am a co-founder and game designer at Cat Quartet Games, a boutique studio that designs and publishes tabletop games. Before Riot, I was a producer and product strategist at Wizards of the Coast where I worked on some of the most beloved games of all time: Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons.I am most excited to meet other smart and passionate game devs so I can make new connections and learn from them. I'm also eager to attend the various meetups for people of marginalized backgrounds (e.g., women in games meetups, BIPOCs in games meetups) because they help remind me that I am not alone, there is a community out there, and we are growing!


Elaine Gusella

Game & Marketing Director @ Artifact 5

Hello! I’m a game designer based in Montreal, Canada, and a community organizer involved with Pixelles, GameDevMTL and the Montreal Indie Game Awards. I'm also the mom of two amazing girls. Talk to me about puzzle games, music, coffee, horseback riding and crafting.I'm looking forward to GDC to catch up with long-time industry friends and make new connections. You can find me at the Independent Games Summit or with the Pixelles Ensemble. I would especially love to meet other game dev parents.

Javiera Paz Sepulveda

Quality Assurance Professional

Javiera is a Chilean Game designer and QA. Right now, besides working in Testronic as Senior QA, she’s working as Game Designer for a casual mobile game where you manage an animal shelter (@animalshelterGame), from which she intends to donate monthly revenue to real-life animal shelters. She is co-founder of Mujeres en VG (Women in Videogames), an association of female-identified people in Chile who wants to give visibility and a safe space for collaboration to all who form part of this industry. Her prime movers are her kitten, her puppy and her husband.GDC is always refreshing for learning new things, staying inspired, sharing with a loud, diverse industry. I’m dying to reconnect with the friends I’ve made in previous years.

Jennifer Sunahara

Software Developer Consultant @ Unity
Pixelles Director

Jennifer is a Software Development Consultant at Unity Technologies, with degrees in both Computer Sciences and Biology. Her dream is to one day make a game about ecosystems and ecology! She has been involved with Pixelles as a coordinator for many years and is now a co-director. If you have any questions about our programs or initiatives, or want to chat about a partnership idea, please feel free to reach out at sponsorship@pixelles.ca!I am most looking forward to helping the participants of the GDC Ensemble have a great GDC experience!

Maude Roussin

Level designer @ EA Motive

Maude is a level designer for EA Motive, where she has been working for almost five years now. Prior to that, she has been studying in multiple fields such as cinema, communication and game design. She has been involved with Pixelles for a few years now, first as a mentor for the Pixelles Game Incubator, and then as a coordinator. She is also a former participant of the Game Incubator herself, where she created her first game and discovered that she was truly passionate about game development.I can't wait to attend all the level design talks, and to meet the participants from this year's edition of the Ensemble!

Stephanie Fisher

Social Sciences Partnered Research Officer @ University of Toronto
Pixelles Director

Stephanie is community organizer based in Toronto, Canada. She made her first game in 2012 as part of the Hand Eye Society’s Difference Engine Initiative. She has been heavily involved in supporting collaborative, community-driven WIG initiatives and programs ever since. She joined Pixelles as a co-director in 2015.I’m excited to talk about the impact of Pixelles as part of the GDC Advocacy Track.

Valentine Dessertenne

Lead Producer @ The Coalition | Xbox Game Studios

Valentine is a producer based in Vancouver. She has been coordinating with Pixelles for 5 years.I’m looking forward to helping our Ensemble have the best experience possible!

Thanks for reading! ♥