Session 6: Summary


Playtesting is a critical part of game design, where someone entirely new to the game is allowed to go through it on their own, without help or hints or explanation from the designer. The idea is to watch and observe what different players do in the game space on their own, while observing and taking careful notes to allow for any adjustments to be made to the game.

This video from The Game Prodigy explains the process:

The entire session was devoted to this kind of playtesting, with participants as well as guest playtesters joining in to help fine-tune the games. A big thanks goes to our awesome guests, Alice Tai (EA), Alison Harvey (University of Toronto), Brent Ellison (Funcom), Hilary Chan (Kobo), Jana van Geest (Gameloft), JF Pruneau (independent), Michelle Frey (Tetrahedral Games), and Nicolas Barriere-Kucharski (Gameloft)!!

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