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The games from the first round of Pixelles are available! With the help of Feminists in Games, thirteen women became first-time game makers and created their very own games! We encourage you to play their awesome games and get in contact with them!

If you’re interested in creating your own game-making program or in our experiences, Tanya Short has written an excellent postmortem about this round of Pixelles. Because of the overwhelming success and interest Pixelles has received, we’ll be planning at least a second round of the program. The best way to be notified is to follow us on Twitter or send us an e-mail at

The Games:

Night Train
– Yeti
The Night Train is a top-down adventure game where the player must control Naledi through a variety of train carts, avoiding zombies and finding keys in hopes to find her father and save him from the witch. Two nights ago, Naledi’s father went missing. While finding her father, a train pops out of nowhere. It’s manned – zombies and is controlled – a mysterious witch. The witch makes a deal with Naledi. If she can get through the train and solve her tasks before the sun rises, then she will free her father. Otherwise she’ll become a zombie and work on the train forever.
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Garden Plants – Lilianne Dupuis
This is a game of creativity. We can obtain different shapes of jars using a random combination of two jars. Combining jars also allows us to walk in the sky and reach other planets. As with select different pairs of jars, we can perform recombinations to try and reach specific ideas.
Coming Soon
The Well Being – Eve Trudel-Lévesque
Not knowing where or what you are, you climb your way out of the darkness. A short tale disguised as a mini platformer / tiny RPG / minuscule getaway, where you keep redefining yourself as you go. (As all journeys should be.)
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Robotto Dog
– Jean Chan
Robotto Dog is a 2D shooter side- scroller platformer that involves a dog traveling and fighting in a robotic suit. His ultimate goal is to fight his way to this super cool upgrade but in order to get that reward, he’ll need to confront the “Tongue Maouw”… Let’s see if he’ll be able to get out of this pet-themed nightmare!!
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Lava Launcher
– Alicia Fortier
In a desperate attempt to entertain themselves, humans in the distant future have converted the game of “Don’t Fall Into the Lava” into a space arena deathmatch. Take your place in the arena and prove your worth!
Be the last player standing in this fast-paced multiplayer game. Hit the blast key to activate the cells ahead of you. They’ll flash color before turning into lava. Activate the cells under your opponents to drop them in the lava! Catch the bonus to last longer. Watch out! Last too long without a winner & the arena will start to turn to lava!
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Singing Sands – Lauren Cruveiller
Singing Sands is an experimental game where the objective is more creative than competitive. You are a denzien of the beach, tasked with creating a sound inside of a shell to outsing the sound of the ocean. Using beach debris, you must do what you can to perform before the tide washes it all away.
Coming Soon
– Alex Ruaux
The aim of the game is to build molecules of common, everyday stuff, like water, caffeine and sand. Learn the rules as you go and beat the clock to build these molecules before you run out of time! Everything in the world is made from tiny entities called molecules and these are made of even smaller things called atoms. Each atom has different properties, such as the number of other atoms it can bond. Use the atoms to build a given molecule in as little time as possible.
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Sydney’s Epic Adventure – Sydney Warshaw
Sydney’s Epic Adventure is a game about my experience playing games. The aesthetic is reminiscent of the computer games I played in the 90’s and early 2000’s such as Hello Kitty World, American Girl Dress Designer and Neopets. Stemming from my love of paper dolls, character creation has always been my favorite part of games. I wanted to make a game focused on that. However, the fact that the character is never permitted to play the “real” game is designed as a commentary on the kinds of games marketed towards women vs. men, and on the idea of male and female “spaces” that are created in games.
Coming Soon
– Nicole Aouad
Pumpkin is a 3D first person action- adventure game. A witch stole your soul, cursed you into this strange pumpkin-headed form and forced you into servitude. After many grueling years, you found a clue to where your soul is hidden. The witch’s grimoire hinted at a forest, during summer’s end, when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. And so when the time is right, you set out for the forest and walk toward the setting sun where all souls go.
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Invisible: I want to be the Girl
– Carolyn Jong
This 2D platformer is the first installment in a series of games about gender signifiers (such as bows, dresses, or the colour pink) and videogames. The game draws on the developer’s personal experiences as a female gamer and is meant to provide a playful take on some serious issues.
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Follow Along Participants:
Diver Quest
– Jessica Marcotte
Diver Quest is about cold water Canadian diving where the point of the game is to be a safe and helpful diver. Players pick up objects lost – other divers and explore dive locations to increase their score while paying attention to safety parameters such as remaining air and how far they are from their exit point. The diving locations in the game are all existing sites. The creator has plans to expand the game to include more of her favourite dive sites. One of the goals of the project was to impart a message of safety while transmitting a love for diving.
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Kitty Dreams – Marie du Rosel
Kitten in Space is the last night a little girl and her cat spend together. They want to have fun and play, but the little girl is endangered – being so high in the sky. Kitty, her other cat, goes to their pursuit. You’ll have to help them reach the ultime goal of the cat, after having made this night the funnest of all time for them.
Coming Soon
I Want My Gold Too
– Maria Julia Guimarães
It’s a playful view about how people around the world struggle against daily odds to find their happy end. Finding their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that’s what pushes lots of people ahead in life.Follow the right path until the end of the rainbow and there you’ll get your gold! In this 2D platformer, you’ll be invited to work hard and make choices to find the end of the rainbow. Beware, because you can work hard and get either the right or the wrong path, which might confuse you and lead you off the track.
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