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Meet the Pixelles Game Incubator 2 Participants!

First, we want to say that all of you are amazing in each your own way. You definitely made our participant selection process very difficult! Sadly, we could only choose 10 out of 47 applications. BUT just because you weren’t selected doesn’t mean you still can’t make a game. It also doesn’t mean you aren’t a talented, wonderful, beautiful and intelligent person. We tried to pick a variation of participants with different goals, skills, views, personalities, and experiences.

So sign up for the Follow Along! The program lets you do the workshop from home, on your own schedule. We’ll still be there to give you support, ask about your game’s progress, and even give feedback. As of right now, we’re setting up a forum so you can help and support each other out.

Without further ado, meet our participants in this year’s Pixelles Game Incubator:

Anh Chi Bui
Undergraduate CS major living vicariously through video game characters while struggling to make the right decisions in real life.

Marion Esquian
My name is Marion, I’m a 23 years-old french and.. I love video games and cute things! I’ve just finished a design school, I’m always looking for new inspirations and new experiences :)
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Jana Sloan van Geest
There was nothing Jana liked better than hunting and roaming the woods with her childhood friend Tamlen, until the day they discovered a strange mirror in a cave. Jana awoke from the bizarre fever wrought by the mirror to find a stranger named Duncan by her side, who told her that the only way to escape its taint was to join the brotherhood of the Grey Wardens.

Iuliia Kitchenko
Worked as a ballroom dance instructor, a competition judge, a texture artist, a QA tester, doing home projects in the meantime. I like jazz, play recorder a bit. A friendly introvert :)

Kim Hoang
Kim is a shoujo manga inspired comic artist. She works with the collective Love Love Hill, self-publishing short stories and anthologies.
Gersande La Fleche
Gender/queer hacker poet, student in Creative Writing at Concordia University & Co-Founder of Kids Code Jeunesse

Linda Demissy
Linda Demissy is a hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistic psychotherapist who started her career as a computer science teacher, after trying unsuccessfully for an entry position in the game industry. She trains in martial arts, plays mandolin, and likes to write inspirational stories about little known Norse Goddesses on her blog. Her passion is helping people break out of hetero-normative gender roles, to believe in themselves and be who they want to be.
Bo Martin
Casts Sketch frequently.
Inflicts confuse on all enemies.
Makes art that doesn’t always reference Final Fantasy (CAT RAIN!).
Jasa Baka
Jasa Baka
Jasa is a multidisciplinary artist who makes costumes for performances, drawings of creatures and once upon a time studied pastry. She likes very much to invent worlds of characters with cravings, decorated like cakes.
Genvieve Danforth
Genevieve Danforth
After many years of trying to find my career self (silkscreen biz, film set photographer, teaching science to kids) I have decided that I should just accept my love of learning new things because it takes me places I never expect. At the moment I work mostly with game production students and they have taught me a lot about appreciating games. And so here I am.

A Big Thank You to:

Without their support this workshop would not be possible!

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