Pixelles Showcase

Pixelles Showcase

We invite you to the Pixelles showcase! In celebration with Festival Montreal Joue, we’re very excited to showcase our newest game makers! In just 6 short weeks, these women designed, coded, drew, and produced their very first video game!

Come play the games, eat snacks, socialize, have a drink, and celebrate the future of game-making!

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014
From 6 to 9pm

Bibliothèque du Mile End
5434 Avenue du Parc
Montreal, Quebec (map)

Event Links:
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Festival Montréal Joue event

The Games

» Lunchtime — Genevieve Danforth
» Herb Witch : Training Grounds — Linda Demissy
» Survivalist — Jana Sloan van Geest
» Omnomnom Game — Marion Esquian
» Here Kitty Kitty ! — ACB
» Meercat — Bo Martin
» Blush or Burn — Kim Hoang
» Submerged — Iuliia Kitchenko
» Anna-töle — Véronique Bouffard
» drOop — Élise Trinh
» Nice Creme Castle— Jasa Baka
» Sky — Gersande

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