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The games from the second round of Pixelles are available! With the help of Feminists in Games & Studio XX, twelve women became first-time game makers and created their very own games! We encourage you to play their awesome games! Thank you to everyone who showed up the showcase. It’s really amazing to see Montreal come together to support women-in-games!

The Games:

Lunchtime – Genevieve Danforth
Sally is an artist who lives on St-Viateur in Montreal. Ubeesoft, a growing game giant, lives at the end of the street and is taking over the neighborhood! Everyday at noon, a swarm of Ubees take over the streets in search of food and drink. Sally has taken it upon herself to keep the Ubees at bay.
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Sky – Gersande
In Sky, Ky, a young child, finds a strange egg one day while wandering the fields around her home village. Keeping the egg safe, she is surprised when the egg hatches into a cute little dragon ! The dragon, who she decides to call Sally, grew and grew and grew, and is now so enormous ! Having a dragon for a best friend can definitely be useful, but it’s also very distracting ! Together, Sally and Ky have to solve puzzles as they navigate the terrain, learning teamwork on the go.
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Meercat – Bo Martin
Suddenly in an unfamiliar world, our protagonist is lost. Guided only by (overly!) dramatic letters left behind, they must avoid what comes at them and the drops which lead to their demise. Whose world is this, though? The letters seem to be written by someone awfully familiar…
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Blush or Burn – Kim Hoang
You are a corporate spy of top renown and there is just one last company secret to uncover before you are able to complete your long – standing mission. However, there is another competitor in the ranks, and both your paths lead you straight through the heart of a man ! You must say the right pick – up lines to fluster him into giving up the info before your rival can – it’s spy versus spy in this two – player competitive love sim game: Blush or Burn.
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Nice Crème Castle – Jasa Baka
In Nice Crème Castle, you try to build an ice cream cone… Or just play with the ingredients. It might not be as simple as it seems.
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Here Kitty Kitty! – ACB
Inspired by the ’90s computer program Neko, “Here Kitty Kitty!” is about a cat lost in the city at night, trying to find her way home. It is up to you to guide her back to her owner Iuliia! Use your mouse to guide Kitty back to Iuliia, but be careful! She only has 9 lives. Avoid the obstacles blocking her way as well as the dangerous vehicles and pedestrians! Don’t forget to pay attention to your score ! It’s counting down, so the faster you get Kitty home the better.
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Omnomnom Game – Marion Esquian
In Omnomnom Game, you help four mothers catch their babies before the time runs out ! Don’t worry ! They don’t eat them. The babies are just kept safe in their bellies!
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Submerged – Iuliia Kitchenko
In Submerged, you play as a little fish that finds herself trapped inside a barrel in the attic. Jumping between vessels, water pipes and pools, solve curious puzzles and try to find the place where the fish belongs. Don’t put the fish out of water or you’ll make it sad !
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Survivalist – Jana Sloan van Geest
Survivalist is the latest entry in the underappreciated genre of “porch granny simulator”. A tough octegenarian living alone in the wilderness faces an army of mutated animals in an effort to protect the last of her food supplies… with her last 100 shotgun shells.
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Herb Witch: Training Grounds – Linda Demissy
In Herb Witch: Training Grounds, summon plant spirits, defeat diseases with their elemental powers, and show you’re worthy of becoming an Herb Witch as you gather more allies! Playing this “plant spirit Pokemon” will teach you the real medicinal properties of these plants.
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Follow Along Participants:
drOop – Élise Trinh
Once upon a time, there was a black monster who lived alone in a colorful universe. One day, he discovered… words ! He started to play with them. However, it suddenly became harder for him to fit into the world…
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Anna-töle – Véronique Bouffard
Anna – töle est un jeu de plate-forme qui place le joueur dans la mort d’Anna. Après que le maître de la réincarnation ait refusé qu’Anna retourne parmi les humains, celle-ci s’est transformée en Anna-töle, une toute petite souris. Pour récupérer sa forme humaine, elle devra cheminer dans une fromagerie pleine de pièges et ramasser le plus de points possible avant la fin du jugement final.
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