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Apply to the Pixelles Writers’ Group

We are currently seeking applicants to participate a new writers’ group.

Source: “The Novelist” game

This group is intended for persons who:

  • identify as a woman
  • are interested in or just beginning a career as a video game writer
  • possess a moderate level of experience as a writer or editor in a professional or academic setting

The purposes of the group are to provide a structure that will facilitate a regular independent writing practice and give members the opportunity to receive critical feedback on their work from peers, with the overarching goal of helping each member to develop a strong video games writing portfolio.

The group will have a total of five members (only 1 place left) and meet once a month. Meetings are scheduled for Sundays at 2 pm. Members will submit short pieces of writing five days before the meeting, and each member will prepare feedback on all of the other members’ pieces for presentation at the meeting. Writing and group discussions will be held in English.

Our first meeting is taking place July 27th. We will be accepting previously written pieces for this meeting due to the short timeline.

Member Qualifications

We are looking for applicants with the following profile:

  • Knowledge of video games and the gaming industry
  • Minimum 1 year of professional/academic writing experience
  • Availability to produce work and prepare feedback on others’ work on a monthly basis
  • Availability to commit to long-term group membership
  • Ability to write in English
  • Based out of Montreal (as there are meetings)


Applications are closed. We’ll announce the new member shortly!

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