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Workshop: Intro to Game Design

When: December 11th, 2014 @ 7:00 – 9:00pm
Where: Notman House, 51 Sherbrooke Ouest
Language: English
Cost: FREE :D

We will dive straight into the nuts and bolts of game design, but in a completely beginner friendly way.

The skills you learn in the workshop will give you a good basis for starting your own designs, and can be applied to designing both video games and card/board games. So whether you’ve never made a game in your life, or you’ve dabbled in art or programming but design is a bit of a terra incognita, this is the workshop for you!

Everyone of all ages, gender, and technical skills level are welcome! No computer required.
You only need to bring your awesome self!

This workshop is lead by Tuuli Saarinen, a Finnish game and level designer living in Montreal. “As a designer, I strive to design the best possible user experience, from level design and storytelling to smooth and easy to use controls and interfaces with great, juicy feedback.”


No preparation or computer needed. Just bring your awesome self!

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