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Meet the Pixelles Game Incubator III Participants!


First of all, we want to say that everyone who applied is an amazing lady. With over 100 applicants it was an extremely difficult task to only ten women. We’d like to say that just because you weren’t selected doesn’t mean you aren’t a talented, wonderful, beautiful and intelligent person. Because YOU ARE! We tried to pick a variation of participants with diverse backgrounds, skills, views, and experiences.

Everyone who applied is definitely invited to sign up for the Follow Along! The Follow Along lets you make your first game with the workshop from home, on your own schedule. It’s open to everyone of all ages, experiences, and gender. We’ll even be providing you with a personal mentor to support, ask about your game’s progress, and even give feedback.

Without further ado, meet our participants in this year’s Pixelles Game Incubator III.

In just six weeks, these ten ladies will have designed, created the art, and coded their very first video game!

Coding Cleric and Hufflepuff. Working on her MSc in Bioinformatics at McGill University. Has a lot of opinions about how all of the trouble in Jurassic Park could’ve been averted if the main programmer just used version control. (Art by Emily Zheng)
Darian Jacobs
Darian has a love for writing and art. Always open to learning new things and trying her best, whether things work out or fail. A big anime, manga and video game fan. A little lost but always optimistic.
Elaine Gusella
I’m a geek, gamer, LARPer, lover of everything ancient and fantasy, dreamer, & storyteller. My head is full of ideas that I wish to share with my fellow gamers by bringing them into my universe through stories & games. I hope you enjoy what I do.
Elisabeth Tremblay Doyle
A compulsive gamer since childhood, I am also an artist, designer and web developper who enjoys creating things with as many mediums as possible. My goal is to share my love for games with the most people possible!
Laura Susel
Laura Susel is a travel addict and treats her kitchen like a science lab. She is currently living in the quaint little town of Hudson and spends her days learning how to make the perfect cup of coffee.
Jennifer Sunahara
I am a first year Computer Science Co-op student at Concordia University, in the Computer Games Option. I have a passion for games and for sciences and hope to make use of both in my future career.
Melanie Segado
I am a graduate student in Cognitive Neuroscience at McGill University, and a freelance cellist. I have been involved in the commercial Brain Computer Interface (BCI) community for the past several years, and I am really looking forward to making a BCI video game of my own! You can learn more about my life as a graduate student here, and follow me on twitter for regular updates about Neuroscience, BCI, and Neurogaming!
Morgan Sea
Morgan Sea is a trans artist and rad grown-up kid. She was born in the Saskatchewan prairies which is a weird place for a mermaid. Now she lives in Montreal where she enjoy a life of cats, comics, cuddling and alliteration.
Nicole Pacampara
Nicole is a full-time dreamer, storyteller and researcher. Her grandma once said she shouldn’t hug trees larger than her but she kept hugging them anyway. When not hugging huge trees, Nicole also loves to explore the way we learn, play and interact with our environments.
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Sahar Kubba
Architect, installation artist, interested in exploring manifestations of violence in architecture.

♥ Our Supporters

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We’d like to excited a big thank you BioWare, EA, Execution Labs, & Gameplay Space for supporting the Pixelles Game Incubator. Without their help, this program wouldn’t be as amazing! We’re thrilled to them as allies who believe in the importance of diversity and furthering the role of women in video game development.

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