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Play The Games From Our 3rd Showcase!

You can now play the games produced in our third incubator! Thirteen women were inspired to make their own games via our Pixelles incubator or our Follow Along Program, and we proudly feature them below. A big thank you to everyone who came to support us, at the showcase or otherwise! We could not have done it without you.

The Games

screenshot_0000_ElaineElaine Gusella – Labyrinth

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland In Labyrinth, your objective is not to get out, but to find the 12 hidden objects. Choose your strategy and make your way through this immense maze. Are you a wall follower? Do you rely on deduction? Memory? Luck? Tip: On your way, you’ll come across red barrels. Can you figure out what they mean? Go on, and don’t get lost.

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screenshot_0001_DarianDarian Jacobs – Sleep Guardian

In Sleep Guardian you are a dreamcatcher, tasked with the important job of ensuring the little girl under your care has a good night’s sleep. Catch the bad dreams in your web to destroy them, while scooping up good dreams will help your cause. Don’t let the bad dreams get to the girl, or she’ll have terrible nightmares!

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screenshot_0002_AnjaKefala – Hanoi

An implementation of Tower of Hanoi using Python and Pygame. You have a pyramid on the left side from smallest block to largest block. The goal is to transpose this pyramid to the right side. A smaller block can be placed on a larger block but a larger block cannot be placed on a smaller block. The selection box will reflect the colour of the currently selected block.

screenshot_0004_NicoleNicole Pacampara – Switch

Switch is a minimalist puzzle game challenging you to escape a maze while switching between day and night. If you get stuck, try switching perspectives!

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screenshot_0007_MelanieMelanie Segado – Follow Me

‘Follow Me’ was made to work with the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile headset. It is set in the future at the moment when robots first achieve sentience. The robots are scared, alone, and sending the electrical systems of the factory where you work into chaos! Your job is to track down the robots, and calm them down using your own brain state – The more ‘calm’ you are, the more calm the robot will be. Only when the robot is calm will it stop shaking and follow you to safety.

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*Note: requires a Neurosky headset to play. Since the hardware is so specific, please enjoy these images of ‘Follow Me’ instead!
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screenshot_0006_SaharSahar Kubba – Samira

Samira is a little girl.
She’s walking through her house.
Is it her house?
A story is written.
Hers, maybe, or someone else’s.
She can’t leave it behind.

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screenshot_0008_Laura Laura Susel – A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park is a third person ‘fetch’ game designed in memoriam of my late dog Gimli. Explore the beaver pond where we used to go for walks and collect all four memories. Or not; I mean you’re a dog after all, go bark at stuff!

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screenshot_0009_ElisabethElisabeth Tremblay – Runnin’ Around with No Shirt On

A sidescrolling platformer featuring a shirtless man on a mission in Hell. Bob had a really nice shirt. One day, Lucifer got tired of trying to convince Bob to give up his shirt and figured it was much easier to just steal it. Bob was not happy about it. He decided he would chase the Devil to the deepest reaches of Hell in order to retrieve his prized possession. Stomp enemies to eliminate them. Find the lever to open the trapdoor! Hell is filled with traps so be careful.

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screenshot_0010_JenniferJennifer Sunahara – Hexplosions

Hexplosions is a turn-based strategy puzzle game where you guide your allies safely home by helping them avoid the hexplosives.

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screenshot_0012_MorganMorgan Sea – Zine Fair Lady

Small-Books & Micro-Aggressions! In Zine Fair Lady, you are a trans woman navigating a big queer event: Painful hilarity ensues!

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Follow Along Games:
screenshot_0003_EdwigeEdwige Bellow – Red

Do you remember the story of the Little Red Riding Hood? One year later, she, known also as “Red” became much more cautious… Today, Red is once again bringing some goods to her beloved grand mother. Unfortunately, this day a wolf appeared from nowhere on the safest road that she is used to take, so Red recklessly run as fast as she could in an attempt to escape the danger. It was only when a protruding branch knocked her head that she fell, stumbling to the ground, waking up hours later in the darkness. Lost. Help the Red find her way trough the woods to go to her grandma’s house before the wolf catches her!

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screenshot_0005_SamanthaSamantha Cook – Karma Killer

Your non-hierarchical food collective delivers vegan burritos, and today it’s your job to deliver on time via the rooftops. You’d hate to hurt anything while you’re up there! Navigating the roofs can be tricky, but it’s your job to bring joy with food without causing harm to your surroundings. You must avoid man-made and natural obstacles (like pigeons) in order to keep your global karma positive, or face the consequences. Deliver your burrito order and don’t lose all your karma to win.

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screenshot_0011_MarieMarie duRosel – .NET(run)

In a hypothetic future, hackers have transcended physical barriers to virtualize their psyches in the Web, and their programming has become more like a sport and less like office work or a hobby done quietly sat on a comfortable chair. There are two kind of hackers : pros, hired by the most importants companies of the world, and outlaws, either by addiction to adrenaline, love of challenge, or ideal. As each day goes by, the two factions fight each other in great battle of pixels, polygons and lines of code. .NET(run) is a turn-based 1vs1 tactical game where the player can embody a hacker (either pro or outlaw) in a cyberpunk network and win over his adversary. The attacking player has to hack into his adversary’s Data Fortress to steal his Datacore, and the defending player must protect by leading him into traps or ambushes, or even attacking him directly.

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