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Mentorship: Game Art Panel

“Glitch” concept art by Zutto

So you wanna be a games artist?

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating beautiful environments, dynamic characters, or awesome props for video games, this event will help you get there! It is inspired by our highly successful Speed Networking events, but is directed specifically to aspiring games artists, both 2D and 3D.

A diverse panel of industry experts will be on hand to answer 45 minutes’ worth of your burning questions, after which you’ll be free to mix and mingle on a more informal basis. These experts are drawn from all levels of the games industry.

Time: Saturday, October 24th, 3 pm.
Location: GamePlay Space, 1435 Rue St-Alexandre, Montréal, QC

Please note that you must register in advance in order to attend.

The event will include free snacks! If you have a CV or portfolio you’d like some quick comments on, please feel free to bring it along.

This event is aimed at aspiring game artists who identify as women or as genderqueer, but is open to all.


  • Stephanie Blais, 2D and 3D Artist (Independent)
  • Pascal Cléroux, 3D Artist (Ludia)
  • Jill Harrington, Technical Animator (Bioware)
  • G.P. Lackey, 2D Artist (Independent)
  • Karin Thibault, 2D and 3D Artist (Ubisoft)


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Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email mentorship@pixelles.ca and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Or tweet us at @pixellesmtl.

Want to become a mentor?
Help out an aspiring woman in games! If you have a bit of time to exchange emails, meet at lesat once, and have been in the industry for at least 1 year then you’re perfect! We especially need more artists. Mentors can be of any age, gender, and located anywhere in the world. Send us a short introduction of yourself by email to mentorship@pixelles.ca.

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