Cookies & Cocoa Social – January 23rd!


Shake off those post-holiday blues at our Cookies n’ Cocoa social. It’s happening on Saturday January 23rd, 2-5pm at GamePlay Space. Featuring:

  • a cozy mini arcade
  • lightning talks/rants
  • hot chocolate (+ lactose-free options)
  • cookies (+ gluten-free & vegan options too)
  • prize raffle (bring cash!)
  • & good company!

Bring your own mug and a pair of slippers to enjoy the social extra-cozily.

Everyone is welcome! Cookies n’ Cocoa is a non-alcoholic and kid-friendly social.


Beneath Floes

by Bravemule (Twitter, Website)




by Fernando Ramallo & David Kanaga (Twitter, Website)







Acknowledgements to our wonderful volunteers: Nicolas Barriere Kucharski, Milin Li, Lateef Martin, Mariko McDonald, Jessica Moore, Jill Murray, Julia Perdigueiro, Jonna Pedersen, Hope Phillips and Amanda Tom!

We’ll have an hour of lightning talks, which are like normal talks except they’re only 5-minutes, and they can take any form! Anything from impromptu dance parties to rousing songs to lectures to inspirational speeches are allowed. NO SLIDESHOWS unless you want to bring slides on your own projection device and set it up in less than 10 seconds? Then you can go nuts. Signups:

Oops! We could not locate your form.

See you there!

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