Give a Lightning Talk! Yes, you!

Lightning talks are 5 minutes in which you take center stage and talk about something you care about.

All applications are accepted from anyone (barring, you know, hatespeech), on a first-come-first-serve basis. It can be a more traditional lecture, or it can be whatever you feel moved to say and do.

On aime aussi les présentations en français !

Example talk topics:

    * A reading from your favorite strategy guide or game magazine
    * Your long, rambly opinion on VR and humanity
    * Programming tips and tricks for rendering water effects
    * Neko Atsume dance party
    * Why a coffee cup is actually a game
    * Whatever!

As you can tell, it doesn’t even need to be particularly game-related.

We strongly encourage you to sign up by midnight Thursday, January 21, so that we have time to print your talk into the schedule, but if you show up with something, we might be able to find a space for you.

Sign up now:

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