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Meet the Pixelles Game Incubator IV Participants!

So with the start of a new year comes the start of another Pixelles Game Incubator! Hooray!

Firstly, we just want to thank everyone for sending in your applications. You are all amazing women with talents of your own right, and with so many applicants it’s an extremely difficult task. Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful stories with us and we hope to meet you in the Follow-Along, at our workshops and socials over the course of the year, or in future incubators. (And for those of you wondering, yes, we are looking to expand these incubators somehow, eventually!)

If you applied (or even if you didn’t!), you are once again invited to sign up for the Follow Along! The Follow Along lets you make your first game with the workshop from home, on your own schedule. It’s open to everyone of all ages, experiences, and gender. We’ll even be providing you with a personal mentor to support, ask about your game’s progress, and even give feedback.

Without further ado, meet our participants in this year’s Pixelles Game Incubator IV.

In just six weeks, these ten ladies will have designed, created the art, and coded their very first video game!

Adrea Soh
Linguist and future French teacher, Adrea has decided to try her hand at creating her own computer games after an extremely enriching and enjoyable experience at GAMERella in November. She is eager to tackle the challenge of making her first game on her own!
Grace An
Grace An is an artist specializing in 2D animation, comic-book arts and illustrations that creates work under her brand, Sunshinable. Grace is from Toronto, Ontario, currently living in Montréal.
Jelena Vlasenko
Jelena is a PhD student at Concordia currently working on her thesis proposal. She loves alpine skiing, traveling, and learning new things. Now she is really excited about learning how to create computer games :)
Noeul Kang
I enjoy solitary activities such as reading, gaming, watching movies/tv and illustrating. I revel in imagining new worlds/themes and am very detail oriented. I am coming out of my shell for this and am excited to meet you all and to work hard & learn!
I’m someone who cares a lot about things and people. I’m curious about stuff and how stuff works and how stuff is made, especially video games! I really really want to do this and start making video games, I’m really excited! I read a lot of books, I love movies, I love food, salmon and sushi are the greatest. Also I’m really tall which is nice.
Samantha McBeth
French-Canadian with a Shakespearian name, she is a biologist seeking adventure and a way to alleviate a boundless curiosity, exploring the great forests and seas of Canada. Inevitably still an entertainer, she’s a science communicator who teaches, writes and photographs the beauty of nature. May or may not get crazy eyes when talking about the Arctic or JRR Tolkien, and has many opinions on the xenobiology of video game aliens.
Roxanne Baril-Bédard
Unapologetic feminist killjoy, cyborg witch and high-key nerd, double majoring in World Religions and Communications and Cultural studies. Her péchés mignons are celebrity drama, microbrew beers, astrology, and thinking about overthrowing White Suprematist Cis Hetero Patriarchy Capitalism.
Idunn Halldorsdottir
Identifying as Icelandic-Montrealer, her life goal is to learn as many languages as she can. Idunn believes the world is a small place, that education should be available to everyone, and that games and VR could help that become reality. She loves music, books, shows with strong characters, and video games that make her think.
Massiva Hamiche
I’m French but I’ve lived in Montreal for 5 years now! I’m an illustrator and I’ve loved video games ever since I was little so they’re a huge part of my inspiration as an artist! Roller Derby, RPG, Sci-Fi, Cats and murder mysteries are a few of my favorite things.
Melanie Pasztor
I make a living testing and breaking games, while playing and toying with them at home. Now with a mind filled ideas and imaginings, would like to create them as well. When I am not doing that, I watch shows/movies, read fanfiction, train, practice and play roller derby, and have a thing for both Magenta and Morticia Adams.

♥ Our Supporters

WB-Games-MontrealGamePlay Space english logo transparentexecution labs

We’d like to extend a big thank you WB Games Montreal, Execution Labs, Gameplay Space, and all of our Indiegogo campaign donators for supporting the Pixelles Game Incubator. Without their help, this program wouldn’t be as amazing! We’re thrilled to them as allies who believe in the importance of diversity and furthering the role of women in video game development.

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