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Pixelles & Ludia present Women in Games: Breaking Into the Industry

When: Wednesday, February 24th 2016, 6:30 to 8:00PM
Where: Ludia Inc – 410 Rue Saint Nicolas, Suite #400
Language: bilingual

Have you ever dreamed of working in video games?

If so, you probably have questions like these:

  • How can I expand my professional network?
  • How do I develop key messages to influence decision-makers?
  • How do I demonstrate my knowledge and skills in an interview?
  • How can I maximize my chances of landing my dream job?

Pixelles and Ludia are offering you answers to these questions and more; we’re joining forces to host a bilingual panel discussion on breaking into the games industry! At this event, you’ll get the chance to hear from panelists in a variety of disciplines on how to market yourself for a job in games. They’ll share their views on the industry’s unique opportunities and challenges.

Moderated by Ludia’s Associate Director of Talent Management, Kim Parkinson, the panel will feature women from Montreal’s most influential game companies.

This exclusive event will be held at Ludia’s studio and will include free snacks and refreshments! If you have a CV or portfolio that you’d like some feedback on, please feel free to bring it with you to the event.


Places are limited! In order to attend, you must register in advance. Unregistered persons will not be admitted. Please note that this event is intended for juniors only.

If you are a recruiter who is interested in attending this event, please contact us at mentorship@pixelles.ca. Please remember that all attendees must abide by our safer spaces policy to ensure that everyone feels welcome and has a great time!

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