In Solidarity with the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec

Our hearts broke at the sight of Sunday’s attack on the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec and the thought still very much pains us. We, at Pixelles, stand in solidarity with those affected and with the Muslim members of not only our own community, but of the world. You are absolutely welcome here. You have our love and support.

As our neighboring ludic community, MRGS, very well said: “It’s up to us to not only show support for the victims and the Muslim community as a whole, but to do our best to combat the discriminatory policies, prejudiced reporting, and hateful rhetoric that are being leveraged by people in positions of power to turn us against one another […] No one should have to live in fear as a result of their race, their religion, or any other aspect of their identity, but if we want to live in that world, we’ll have to build it together.”

Being a part of Pixelles means embracing and including all backgrounds, orientations, religions, origins, and identities. We do not tolerate discrimination, hate, or violence towards our community and the members therein. If you feel threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe in Pixelles’ spaces, we encourage you to write us at or by anonymous form.

We’re here for you, whether it’s as a safe space away from the recent politics or as a feminist network in which to express solidarity through games ♥

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