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Workshop: Let’s Make a Walk Cycle in Maya

When: Monday, July 24th 2017 from 7-9pm
Where: 3rd floor of Notman House / Cafe OSMOS (51 Sherbrooke Ouest – rue Clark entrance)
Primary language: English content (bilingual workshop leader)
Cost: free

You’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare a scene for animation
  • Create your very own walk cycle

This is a 3D animation workshop for beginners and anyone curious about using Maya. In animation, a walk cycle is a fundamental motion that when done right can convey who your character is and what they are feeling. The walk cycle is looped over and over, thus having to avoid animating each step again.

Everyone of all genders and experiences are welcome. Kids too, however, they must be accompanied by their parental guardian. Please note that the space is not wheelchair accessible.

Before arriving, please prepare:

  • Install Autodesk Maya, preferably version 2016 and above. There’s a free trial version!
  • If you’re a student, you can get Maya free for 3 years
  • Spend a bit of time, exploring the interface and getting comfortable where things are..
  • Bring a mouse with a middle button
  • Assets: https://www.highend3d.com/maya/downloads/character-rigs/c/ultimate-bony-for-maya


    Workshop Leader: Bianca Basso

    Bianca has a background in traditional animation but decided to pursue a career in video games. Animation is her one true love!

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