Pixelles Summer Soiree

Pixelles invites women (cis/trans), non-binary, genderqueer and trans folks of all genders in the Montreal games community to our summer soirée on Jeux WB Montréal’s outdoor terrace. You are welcome at this event whether you’re a full time game developer, student, streamer, academic, hobbyist maker or however you’re involved in games ♥

Get to know other folks around the community in a friendly, safe environment. Learn about our programs and how you can volunteer to make the Montreal games scene a more diverse, inclusive place. Snacks and refreshments will be served. Non-alcoholic and vegan friendly options will be available.

This event is wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions, concerns or accessibility needs please email info@pixelles.ca.

By participating in this social, you agree to abide by our safer space policy. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, racism, sexism, gender policing and transphobia.

Big thank you to our host and sponsor Jeux WB Montréal!



Q: Who can I contact about accessibility, concerns, questions or other needs?
When you register for the event there’s a textbox you can fill in to let us know about anything you need. You can also email us at info@pixelles.ca with any concerns, requirements or questions about the space/event.

Q: Will there be vegan, gluten-free and non-alcoholic options
Yes, absolutely! Any food will be properly labeled and have a list of ingredients. There will be plenty of options for folks who don’t drink alcohol, as well.

Q: Why can’t cisgender* men attend?
While the majority of our social events, workshops, etc are open to all genders, Pixelles’ activities focus on women and other gender identities who are often excluded to create better support networks within games. As an outreach event, this just happens to be one of those times where we restrict our space.(Cisgender means you identify as the gender you were assigned at birth.)
Q: Do I need to be out as a trans/non-binary/genderqueer person to attend this event?
You are 100% welcome no matter how open you are about your gender identity or your transition (if that applies). The ticket types are private and only visible to the event organizers. We promise to not give out your personal information.

Q: What if it rains?
If the weather calls for rain, we will move this event to Thursday, August 31st. We’ll let you know a few days in advance if this happens.

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