Teacade: Moon Magic

Artwork by Marion Esquian

When: October 28th, from 2-5pm
Where: Gameplay Space, 1435 rue St-Alexandre, Suite 140
Free & VIP Tickets : https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/teacade-moon-magic-tickets-38524674338

You are cordially invited to attend Teacade: Moon Magic, a magical afternoon tea party x arcade event. Come and enjoy a selection of magical and alternative games while drinking a little cup of tea.

Wear a costume! We’ll have a costume contest. Win a magical prize!
Tea & Snacks! Come eat baked goods made by our volunteers as you discover our selection of games
VIP! If you want to encourage Pixelles you can buy a VIP ticket for 10$ and you’ll receive a little magical something as a thank you

Entry to the event is free, open to the public, and kid-friendly! Bringing your own tea cup or mug is encouraged. You’ll not only help the environment but we’d also love to see them!

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Games at Teacade: Moon Magic


Ikenfell is a heartwarming turn-based RPG about a school of magic and its troublesome students. It’s about witches & monsters & hugging & kissing!

BY Chevy Ray Johnston


The Magician’s Apprentice

The Magician’s Apprentice places a player in the bright green wellies of a curious child, as they discover a mysterious three-eyed cat and a wizards’s mansion. In this homage to classic point-and-click adventure games, the player must solve puzzles, cast spells, grow plants and make potions in pursuit of the elusive feline. Charming low-poly graphics, exciting visual effects and easy to pick up gameplay mechanics provide an enjoyable experience for all ages.

By Francesca Ross, Matthew Skellon, and Sala Ma


Ritual of the Moon

A multi-narrative game exploring loneliness, power, and healing. Once discovering her powers, The Earth’s Council exiles the witch to the moon to live out the rest of her life looking at the earth she can never go back to.

BY Kara Stone


Wand Wars

Afast-paced magical sports game. Players ride brooms, cast spells and turn opponents into adorable chickens!

BY Moon Radish


Get Boned

Punch vampires and don’t get boned!

By Kim Hoang, Eleanorawesome, and Hamish Lambert

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