Meet the participants of the 6th Pixelles Game Incubator


Firstly, we just want to thank everyone for sending in your applications. You are all amazing women with talents of your own right, and with so many applicants it’s an extremely difficult task. We have tried to pick a group of participants that is varied and balanced, with many different talents, values, experiences, and backgrounds.

Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful stories with us and we hope to meet you in the Follow-Along ! The Follow Along lets you make your first game with the workshop from home, on your own schedule. It’s open to everyone of all ages, experiences, and gender. We’ll even be providing you with a personal mentor to support, ask about your game’s progress, and even give feedback.

Without further ado, meet our participants in this year’s Pixelles Game Incubator IV.

In just six weeks, these ten ladies will have designed, created the art, and coded their very first video game!


Audrey is a thirty-something individual who is interested in everything, or just about! After studying arts and marketing, and different professional experiences in the cultural and events sector, she has move onto digital project management. In perpetual questioning and exploration, she is always where we do not expect her!



I am a multimedia producer with a specialization in audio. I started my career on CKUT 90.3FM and managed CJLO 1690AM for 3 years. More recently, I worked in the technology industry – I did a podcast and video marketing. I am really passionate about the sound experience of storytelling!



Artist and aspiring concept artist on a continuous search for self-improvement. I also love sweets, baking and coffee, and I dream of opening my own coffee/pastry shop filled with all things cute and delicious! I hope to fill people’s hearts and bellies with pretty art, and tasty treats and make the world a nicer place to live in.



J’vlyn d’Ark is an audio engineer, graphic designer, DJ and multimedia artist. She creates audiovisual experiences that focus on empowering women and marginalized people. Currently, she is on the Board of Directors of Studio XX and is self-taught in Full Stack development and visual programming languages.



I’m a 3D artist from Montreal. I love computer games, tech news and arts in general. It is what inspires me and gets me going every day. I am a child at heart. My love for geeky things and Care Bears describes me well.



No longer a child, not yet an adult, I am a chuld. That’s how my mother likes to describe me to try to understand why I’m more interested in fiction and entertainment than in the serious reality of other people’s lives. It’s actually my curiosity that motivates me in everything because we never know anything and we are always learning. And it is also in this state of mind that I wanted to participate in PIXELLES, to learn to have fun! As a user experience designer in Montreal, I try to apply my open-mindedness and my curiosity to go further in what I’m doing.



Digital artist and storyteller who likes to read up on personal development and metaphysics in front of a boiling pot of gamjatang soup. I’m very excited for the opportunity to explore the medium of games!



Student in software engineering at École Polytechnique who loves to draw and create, and who would like to learn more about creating video games. Fan of manga and Japanese animation, she often draws her inspiration from this imaginary world without limits.



Sarah Galarneau is an artist with a special interest in printed arts and bookbinding. She is fascinated by nature and science fiction. She also likes to read, eat and dye her hair.



Social worker by day, geek at night. ^^ I’m as interested in personal development, as I love art and storytelling in video games, comics, and tv shows. My biggest references are Day of the tentacle, SaGa and Battlestar Galactica (a lot of sci-fi)! I dream about creating my own video game mixing a bit of everything I love, guess i’m in the right place!

♥ Our Gracious Hosts!

We would like to thank Unity Technologies Montréal for agreeing to host our Wednesday Incubator sessions and Rubika Montréal for agreeing to host our Saturday Follow-Along sessions! Without their help, this program wouldn’t be as amazing! We’re thrilled to them as allies who believe in the importance of diversity and furthering the role of women in video game development!


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