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Workshop: Write Better Conference Proposals (feat. Queerness & Games Conference)

When: Tuesday, February 13th from 7-9pm
Where: 3rd floor of Notman House / Cafe OSMOS (51 Sherbrooke Ouest – rue Clark entrance)
Primary language: English
Cost: free

We’ll be learning how to write better talk/panel/etc proposals to conferences. A proposal is your first step to getting professional public speaking opportunities. If you want to learn more about process of speaking at conferences and/or better improve your conference proposals for the submission review process then this workshop is for you!

Since The Queerness and Games Conference is coming to Montreal and their proposal deadline is March 1st, you’ll get to put our advice to practical use. Unsure what QGCon is about or the mood of the conference? One of the local organizers will be stopping by to talk about it! Feel free to bring non-QGCon proposals, rough ideas or just to listen.

We obviously cannot guarantee that your talk will be accepted, but we can help build your confidence and hone your ideas. If you have other conference talk deadlines coming then feel free to bring those too! The advice and tips from this workshop can definitely be applied to others.

First-time speakers welcome!

This workshop is open to everyone of all ages, backgrounds, genders and identities. We’re sorry but this venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Get the most out of this workshop

  • Bring a draft version of your talk/panel proposal including the working title, abstract/description, and your biography, as you would submit them.
  • Come up with topic ideas or blurbs that you’re passionate about and are trying to figure out how to turn into a talk, panel, joint-talk, roundtable or workshop proposal.
  • Brainstorm ideas by looking at past QGCons (or whichever conference you’re aiming for…)

Laptops aren’t required for this workshop. You can bring your materials in paper format or with your own device (laptop, mobile, etc).

About Queerness & Games Conference

Montreal, September 29-30, 2018

QGCon is an annual event that brings together developers, academics, educators, and activists to explore the intersection of LGBTQ issues and video games. Proposals for talks, pre-constituted panels, workshops, roundtables, and post mortems are welcome. Speakers from all backgrounds are encouraged to submit. Because QGCon is a community-oriented event that seeks to foster dialogue across areas of expertise, we especially value sessions that engage a broad and diverse audience.

Please note that, since QGCon attendees come from across academia, industry, and beyond, different speakers may bring different ideas about what constitutes a “talk” or a “panel.” QGCon values these differences and kindly requests that, as per the submission guidelines below, prospective speakers describe the approach they hope to take to their proposed session.

Read more about the official call for speakers →


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