Panel: Networking 101 at GDC & other games events

Does networking make you anxious?
Are you feeling overwhelmed just thinking about GDC?

Join us on Tuesday, February 27th for a panel on networking and socializing at GDC. You’ll hear experiences and advices on making professional connections at networking events. We’ll help you make the most out of your social time at GDC even if you’re an introvert. Though the discussion will focus on GDC, the advice and tips can apply to to any conference or social event with other professional game developers!

The panel discussion will be about an hour (including time for Q&A) followed socializing where you can practice networking with new people. Light food and refreshments will be served (vegan and gluten-free options too).

Open to everyone of all genders!
Reminder that all our events are covered by our Safer Space policy. We encourage everyone to be mindful, inclusive and respectful of gender identities.

Our Host & Panelists

  • Astrid Rosemarin (Host)
    Communications manager, Rogue Factor, @astridrosemarin

  • Myriame Lachappelle
    Project Manager & Communications, Sauropod Studio, @mllepilgrim

  • Valerie Vezina
    Assistant Producer, WB Games Montréal, @valvez

  • Marie-Christine Bourdua
    Producer, Freelancer, @mcbourdua

  • Tanya Di Bennardo
    Senior Recruiter, Electronic Arts Inc


Thank You

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