Thank you Red Barrels!

We are thrilled to announce that, Red Barrels, the studio behind the immensely popular indie horror series, Outlast (which has been scaring people since 2013), has joined the roster of Pixelles Sponsors for 2018-19!

Red Barrels is proud to be working with Pixelles. We believe it is important to foster a gaming community that is inclusive, accessible and safe for all game creators. We want to help encourage all aspiring game devs, artists, and administrators to use the full scale of their talents, ignite their creativity and take risks.”

Red Barrels’ generous donation allows Pixelles to continue to offer FREE workshops, socials, and mentorship programs. Thanks to these programs, community support and access to free education & training, it’s not only women, but the community at large, who has benefited immensely! We’re seeing a more diverse group become employed in studios of all sizes, speak at conferences, create more games and return to Pixelles as mentors and leaders.

Join us in a THANK YOU toast to Red Barrels!
Cheers ♡

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