Annual General Meeting 2018


When: Monday, November 26th, 2018 at 6:30pm
Where: Red Barrels Games (329 De La Commune Ouest, Bureau 300, Montreal)

As part of our constitution, once a year, we will hold our Annual General Assembly Meeting (AGM). At the AGM, the Pixelles community will have the opportunity to review our past activities, financial statements, and provide feedback.

Can I attend?
Anyone who attends Pixelles events, programs, community, or online spaces (including the AGM) is welcome. You can be of any gender, identity, background, and/or experience. Please attend, if you are interested in the future of Pixelles!

Which language will the AGM be in?
Language-wise, the meeting will be held in the Montreal-fashion — that is, to say, a mix of French and English. Please speak in the language you are most comfortable in. We’ll do our best to translate for anyone who does not understand.

Do I need to be on-site?
Yes, as Pixelles is based out of Montreal, our AGMs will take place in Montreal. If, in the future, we have the equipment then we may stream to our members abroad. A summary of the AGM will be posted online later.


Directors’ introductions
Coordinator introductions (if present)
Mission + pivots/changes to Pixelles
How decisions, events, programs are organized/decided in Pixelles

Past 2017-18
Potential 2019

Financial Statements
Financials 2017-18
Projected 2019 budget
Indiegogo rewards update

Feedback from members
Safer space reminder
Open floor


By Eventbrite (below):

Big thank you to our host and sponsor Red Barrels!

You can email the directors at

Friendly reminder that the AGM falls under our code of conduct / safer space policy which encourages inclusion and respect from all participating members.

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