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Pixelles Recommends: 5 Games You May Have Missed

To close out the year, we asked our coordinators if they’d played anything they thought more people should know about. Most of these didn’t release in 2018, but they’re ready to bring some joy or insight (or both) in whatever year you want to play them in. Here’s their recommendations:

Kelly recommends: Wunderdoktor (PC, Mac, and Linux). “I loved playing Wunderdoktor because of the ease of the game, as well as the stories that connected your patients together. It’s a simple gameplay premise with a great narrative, but what really stole my heart was meeting all the monsters. Some are sad and in terrible pain, others are arrogant and boastful, but helping them feel better always makes you feel good.” $10.99 CAD on Steam.

Eve recommends: NSFWare (Windows, Linux). “It’s unique, but definitely NSFW, so uh, mind your screens.” Pay what you want for it on Itch.io.

Tanya recommends: Speed Dating for Ghosts (PC, Mac). “It’s tough, being alone, and even tougher being dead. Each spirit you date has a different appeal, based on their personality, past, or secrets uncovered. The minimal art style grew on me, as the writing is quite strong and gave me just enough reign to imagine the nature of this afterlife, afterlove.” $7.99 CAD on Steam.

Linda recommends: Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (PC, Switch, PlayStation 4). “This friendly open-world game is so relaxing. The 4-season paradise encourages the player to explore different biomes, befriend cute creatures, build farms, plant trees, go fishing… and find cats!” $29.99 CAD on Nintendo Switch, $27.99 CAD on Steam, $26.99 CAD on PlayStation 4.

Jennifer recommends: Kingdom: Two Crowns (PC, Mac, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox). “It’s very similar to Kingdom, but this time you can play co-op with a friend! I really enjoy the minimalist controls, the kingdom building and the beautiful pixel art. It is both calming and exciting at the same time.” $22.79 CAD on Steam, $25 CAD on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox.

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From all of us at Pixelles, may your 2019 be bright and full of new joys to discover.

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