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Cozy Alliances Tea Social @ GDC19

Pixelles, in collaboration with I Need Diverse Games, Game Developers of Color Expo and GLITCH, are proud to organize the 3rd edition of the Cozy Alliances Tea Social for GDC19.

Cozy Alliances Tea Social (CATS) is a low key, non-alcoholic social and networking event for the recipients of GDC’s diversity-based scholarship groups which provides free conference passses to game developers from marginalized backgrounds — people of color, women, non-binary / genderqueer folks, LGTBQIA and many others — in an effort to strengthen diversity in the games industry.

This event provides a vital opportunity for diverse attendees to meet each other, form genuine connections and be empowered by not only other game developers like them but industry veterans too. All before the conference begins!

Thank You

Big thank you to our sponsors and personal donors (Molly, Dave, Bryan) who helped make this event possible.

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