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Pixelles Game Writing Group Showcase III

When: Thursday, June 6th, 2019 – 6:30-9pm
Where: GamePlay Space – 1435 St Alexander St, Montreal
Primary Language: English
Cost: Free

Join us on Thursday, June 6th as we celebrate the accomplishments of the writing group participants!

Since November 2018, the members of the Pixelles Game Writing Group have been getting to know each other and working hard to hone their game writing skills.

Now, it’s your turn to meet them and read/hear their stories!

Join us for an evening dedicated to the written word. We’ll be presenting interactive fiction pieces authored by our Game Writing Group members that you can play at your leisure. The group members will also read their short stories and their cinematic scenes.

Note: GamePlay Space is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Our Writers:

Shoma Patnaik
Sabrina Gannon
Alex Borgeot
Kyungseo Min
Cassiel Moroney
Camerin Cobb


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