Update: Pixelles Career Accelerator welcomes all transgender, non-binary and genderqueer applicants

We at Pixelles are proud to announce that our upcoming Pixelles Career Accelerator is now open not just to women, but to anyone who has experienced gender-based discrimination in a significant way. This means that in addition to cis and trans women, we also welcome trans men, nonbinary/genderqueer folks, and any other person who feels that they would benefit from peer support.

Historically, Pixelles has focused primarily on the needs of women in games, as that is what our staff has had experience with and expertise in. As such, earlier iterations of the Pixelles Career Accelerator were closed to women only. However, we also realize that people of other marginalized genders working in games share many experiences in common with women, and now that we are growing our program, we feel it is important to broaden our criteria of inclusion accordingly.

For more information on the Pixelles Career Accelerator, please visit https://pixelles.ca/mentorship-program/career-accelerator/ or come to our info session/mixer at EA Motive Studios at 6:30pm on February 11. The deadline to apply for the program is February 23.

Interested? Apply now: https://forms.gle/zoNnTusL5M7yk8c37

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