Our Safe Space Policy Reminder

Pixelles hears and believes the survivors coming forward to share their stories about abuse, harassment and toxicity in game development. Our safe space policy covers all Pixelles spaces (online and in-person venues). We do not tolerate predation or harassment.

If any person who has made you feel unsafe has been promoted by Pixelles as a speaker, mentor, workshop leader, featured game-maker, program participant, etc. please let us know. If you are ever worried about an unsafe person attending a Pixelles event, please contact us immediately. Don’t hesitate to come forward now to report a past situation, no matter how long ago it occurred. Together, we’ll work to find a solution that fits your situation and comfort level.

Pixelles would also apologize to anyone who has reported an issue in the past and found the way we dealt with your report to be inadequate. We have failed you and hope to work towards regaining your trust. Please reach out to us again whenever you are ready. We are listening.

You can reach out to us any time at info@pixelles.ca, message our Facebook page, send a Twitter DM, use our anonymous abuse reporting form, or speak to a director personally. 

Read our full Safer Space Policy here: https://pixelles.ca/about/saferspace-policy

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