Solidarity with BlackLivesMatter

Pixelles stands in solidarity with the black community, protestors, activists and support organizations. Injustice and racism have run rampant for centuries in Canada (#JusticeForRegis), the United States (#JusticeForFloyd) and around the world. It’s ingrained in our systems and institutions, access to resources, at the educational level, amongst neighbours and yes, even in game development. 

As allies, it’s important that we practice allyship that goes beyond the surface and performative level. As GLITCH stated “we all have a role to play when fighting against the status quo and standing with the black community”. Use your privilege to contact government representatives, disrupt anti-blackness, signal boost black voices, divert resources, and help protect them. Don’t know where to start? We’d like to highlight this excellent thread by Mireille Cassandra Harper on non-optical allyship:

Be safe, well, and (if you can) donate to your local organizations, even $5 can go a long way. 

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #SayTheirNames

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