Workshop: Harassment in the Workplace and Your Rights

Folllowing the #metoo movement in 2017, a group of professional associations has put together measures to address the situation and ensure workplaces become a healthy environment, free from violence. From this initiative, the need to create a confidential and independant legal support platform was felt. The task of creating this service was given to Juripop, a non-profit whose mandate is accessible justice. The mission of l’Aparté is to support, independently and confidentially, anyone from the cultural milieu who deals with a situation of violence in their work.

This online workshop will address issues and topics related to psychological and sexual harassment. We’ll be discussing what constitutes this type of violence in addition to legal solutions and existing non-legal actions that workers can follow. We will also see the risks related to disclosure, especially through social networks. The objective of the meeting is to provide an overview of its notions, without burdening the participants with legal terminology. It is not a question of convincing or inviting a complaint, far from it.

At Juripop, we firmly believe that survivors know what is best for them. We believe that by receiving all the relevant information, survivors will be able to make informed choices. You’ll also be familiarized with the services offered by the Aparté and how we can help, individually or collectively, in the current context of denunciations. You are under no obligation to follow legal action or talk to L’Aparté. Anyone in need of support or advice for their particular situation can communicate with L’Apartéconfidentially, at no cost and no affiliation with any game development studio.

Following the workshop, there will be a Q&A period where the presenter will be answering anonymous questions and hearing from participants.

Important information

  • Open to people of all genders!
  • Presenter will be speaking French. An English interpreter is available.
  • This event will happen online via Zoom (video conferencing)

By participating in this event, you agree to abide by our safer space policy. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, racism, sexism, gender policing and transphobia.


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Q: I’m not from Québec. Can I still benefit from the solutions and information presented in this workshop?
While Québec has its own legal system, this workshop will definitely give you useful information and a starting point when it comes to navigating the legal system around your rights. There will also be non-legal solutions discussed, as well as, talking about what it means to come forward on social media with your story. We do recommend this workshop to everyone around the world.

Q: Will there be time to ask questions about my situation?
Yes, you’ll have time at the end of the workshop to ask questions. You may also anonymously submit questions in advance with your registration.

Q: Is a lawyer teaching this workshop?
Yes, Virginie Maloney is a lawyer with Juripop and L’Aparté.

Q: Will this workshop be recorded?
We’re still in discussion with our collaborator on this matter. Thank you for your patience.

Q: Is this workshop also available in English?
Because this is such an important topic, we’ve hired an interpreter to translate for people who feel more comfortable in English. When registering, don’t forget to select the your preferred language option.

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