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Pixelles Creator Fund 2020: Selections

Thanks to SUPERHOT, Kowloon Nights, Clever Endeavour, and Vertigo Gaming Inc., Pixelles announced its new Creator Fund in fall of 2020.

We are giving up to $5k CAD each to selected Canadian game creators of marginalized genders, as a grant, without recoup, publishing or platform requirements. All the selected folks have to do is make their game. Although we had many, MANY (many!!!!) excellent entries we couldn’t select, we think this selection represents a fine collection of small games with a strong authorial voice (whether expressed in the art, writing, gameplay, audio, premise, or in some other way) created by solo devs or small diverse teams.

Here are the teams who are ready to announce their games and our partnership, presented in alphabetical order.

Bird Problems, about an awkward and anxious canary, created by Andy Wood

Frogsong is by @brodnork and is an adventure where it’s okay to be small.

Make a Wish is a digital 2.5D comic about Space Time Bunny by Avalon DuHaime Pyott

Night Bus to New York by Dani Jones, a narrative game about two friends making their way to a concert in New York from Toronto.

Pekoe is a tea-making simulation game about taking the time for self-care and connecting with the things that make you happy, by @kittencupstudio.

Squinky and the Squinkettes present: SECOND PUBERTY, a series of seven short games by @TheSquink: http://squinky.me

We don’t yet have an image to accompany the announcement, but Pending Validation is a semi autobiographical exploration of trans masc non binary identity and living as a Mad person by Len Predko.

And that’s it for now! We’ll announce more, or more about the development of our selections, if/when they’re ready. Thank you again to our sponsors:

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