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Workshop: Accessibility in Game UI

Creating a usable game interface extends far beyond pretty colours and a good design sense. Join Kat Dolan & Justine Raymond, Senior UI Designers at Proletariat Inc, known for the popular magic-slinging battle royale, Spellbreak, as they talk about what elevates a beautiful UI into a usable one.

They’ll highlight things like picking the proper font size, designing with colourblindness in mind, how to develop a smart interface across multiple platforms, and tips for advocating for accessible menus in your games.

This virtual talk, presented in English, is open to everyone to everyone of all genders and backgrounds. We expect all attendees to follow the Pixelles safer space policy.

About the Speakers

Justine Raymond and Kat Dolan are Sr. UI Artists at Proletariat Inc., known for the newly released magic-slinging hit Spellbreak.

Justine (she/they) has over 8 years in the game industry working in every part of the game pipeline from concept to art direction, and now works in game UI on Spellbreak, Bugsnax, Transformers: Battlegrounds, and other mobile and console games. She actively dedicates herself to diversity, inclusion, and representation in games, and works to support marginalised individuals breaking into the industry.

Kat (she/her) has been designing UI for 10 years across the platform spectrum and for different software industries including eCommerce, education, sports betting (where real-money transactions meant strict design limitations), and for the last 6 years, games. Working with such different audiences and design needs has been a constant (and humbling) learning experience in usability.


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXyln_fAm8Q


Justine and Kat have made their slides available! You can access them here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ARaEEAL_18_QkiuQItnn8xOaUAA3YjXmhK_5ULwr2V8/edit?usp=sharing

In Collaboration

Gameloft Montreal, a leading game developer and publisher established as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000, is proud to introduce a new series of talks about diversity and inclusivity in partnership with Pixelles. Several experts will look at various social topics related to our industry, in order to open the discussion and allow Gameloft Montreal to become more inclusive in the studio and in games!

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