Call for Workshop Coordinators

Pixelles is looking for two workshop coordinators to help make our monthly workshops happen. Our workshops have always been a pillar of learning and opportunity for the community. With your help, we can continue to offer this free and valuable resource to everyone.

Please note that as with all Pixelles positions (even our directors) are entirely volunteer. We understand life can be messy and busy. If you ever need a break or a helping hand, we understand completely.

Workshops will be organized by a team of two people with the support of our director, Rebecca. Our workshop events primarily take place outside of working hours or as a lunch & learn (EST / GMT-5). The content consists of a hands-on learning experience, a single speaker, panel, several micro-talks or presentation followed by breakout sessions. On occasion, we partner with studios to provide content and mentoring experiences. All workshops are 100% free and open to the community.

Pixelles would love to see our workshops format improved. As a coordinator, you’ll have the flexibility to experiment with change you’d like to see happen!

As workshop coordinator, you will:

  • Set up virtual workshops through Zoom and Eventbrite until potentially summer 2021. When the threat of COVID passes, workshops will alternate on-site and virtual schedules.
  • Use Twitter and Facebook to promote the workshops
  • Organize with your co-coordinators over Slack
  • Collaborate with workshop leaders to refine their workshop content
  • Collaborate with studios on partnered workshop type events
  • Respond to questions and requests for ticket cancellations
  • Ensure the workshop remains a safe space for everyone attending

You are:

  • Montréal or worldwide remote with the ability to participate in the Eastern timezone (GMT-5)
  • Fluent in English and/or French
  • Willing to use Slack as a primary organizing and communication tool
  • Underrepresented gender in games (all women, nonbinary, transgender, genderqueer identities including AMAB and transmasculine people)
  • Have used or willing to learn Eventbrite, WordPress, Zoom, Twitter and Facebook
  • Available for ~10 hours a month
  • Familiar with game development
  • Ready to organize free workshops for the community!


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