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Workshop: Creating Culturally Responsive Gaming Experiences

In “Creating Culturally Responsive Gaming Experiences”, a discussion hosted by Mariam Nusrat and Lauren Hofmann of The Equity Gaming Project, you will be able to:

  • Identify the link between gaming + ‘real’ world impacts at a global scale
  • Understand why self-reflection and peer-to-peer accountability is the starting point for conscious creation
  • Examine how your own beliefs, attitudes and perceptions shape how and what you design
  • Draw upon the frameworks and tools shared to help inspire you to create for a global audience

This virtual talk, presented in English, is open to everyone to everyone of all genders and backgrounds. We expect all attendees to follow the Pixelles safer space policy.


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tADets359Ao

About the Speakers

Lauren Hofmann is a community activator working at the intersection of arts, technology + education. She is the founder of The Equity Gaming Project, an organization focusing on designing learning experiences for game designers, developers and organizations on the journey towards more conscious content creation. Lauren is also the founder of Kollective: Coaching, Consulting + Contemplative Activism. She holds a BSc from Miami University, an MSc from Henley Business School and holds certifications in Business Analysis, Six Sigma and The Project Management Program through Emory University. She is a 2020 Fellow at The University of Pennsylvania’s Global Social Impact House, Board Member at Creative Strategies for Change, social impact investor at The Colorado Solidarity Fund, member of The Colorado People’s Alliance and a member of the Fall 2019 CO.STARTERS Accelerator.

Mariam Nusrat is the founder of the social impact gaming studio, GRID – Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development, designing low-cost video games to inspire positive behavior change. Mariam has presented GRID in front of President Clinton, the World Bank President, famous authors, innovators and a Tedx audience. She is the recipient of the CGIU Honor Roll Alum award, 2018 AdamStart Entrepreneurship Award, 2015 Andrew E. Rice Award for Leadership and Innovation by the Society of International Development, the Knapp Fellowship, the GWU Public-Service Grant Commission Award and DC Inno 50 on Fire.

In Collaboration

Gameloft Montreal, a leading game developer and publisher established as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000, is proud to introduce a new series of talks about diversity and inclusivity in partnership with Pixelles. Several experts will look at various social topics related to our industry, in order to open the discussion and allow Gameloft Montreal to become more inclusive in the studio and in games!

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