Call for Game Incubator Coordinators

Pixelles is looking for two game incubator coordinators to help make our flagship program happen. We are especially looking for new coordinators to host the incubator sessions.

Please note that all positions at Pixelles are volunteer-based (even the directors are volunteers) and remote. We are very understanding if you ever need a pause, do less hours or could use a helping hand.

The game incubator is a free, eight-week workshop series designed to help twelve gender-marginalized people make their first game. It happens once a year. The incubator is organized by a team of 4 people (2 returning coordinators). This year will be the 10th edition of incubator!!!

The next edition is expected to take place in the Fall 2022 with sessions on Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon, but the exact schedule has yet to be determined with the new coordinators. We are also considering having 1 weekly session in person in Montreal and the other online.

You’ll receive a $500 CAD honorarium for one edition (1 year). This position is set to start over the Summer 2022 (flexible). Applications will close on July 3, 2022.

As an incubator coordinator, you will:

  • Organize and host the weekly sessions (the Wednesday and Saturday sessions could be split among 2 coordinators)
  • Keep track and manage the 10 participants through email and our Discord server
  • Find and book mentors for each session
  • Run the call for participants and incubator info-session
  • Be part of the panel for selecting the participants
  • Meet once or twice a week during official sessions
    • Take pictures
    • Take notes
    • Collect slides from mentors, if applicable
  • Improve the existing curriculum and keeping documentation
  • Organize the showcase

You are:

  • Underrepresented gender in games (all women, nonbinary, transgender, genderqueer identities including AMAB and transmasculine people)
  • Based in Montréal (though we organize remotely)
  • Fluent in English and/or French
  • Available for ~5-10 hours a month for preparation and improving the curriculum, and at for at least 1 session per week during the incubator (8 weeks)
  • Have used or willing to learn Discord, Eventbrite, WordPress, Zoom
  • Familiar with game development and Pixelles
  • Eager to continue improving the Pixelles game incubator!


Send an email before July 3, 2022 to that contains:

  1. Your name
  2. Your pronouns
  3. What language(s) you speak comfortably
  4. An introduction
  5. How are you currently involved in games?
  6. Why do you want to be a coordinator?
  7. Have you previously participated in a Pixelles program? If so, what can you tell us about your experience?
  8. What engines do you have experience with?
    (You don’t have to be an expert in any of them)
  9. If you saw a participant falling behind what would you do?
  10. Which one of these main coordinator activities appeals to you the most and the least?
    1. Administrative: recruiting mentors, writing emails & blog posts
    2. Social: hosting the sessions, encouraging discussions & conversing with participants 
    3. Production: guiding participants through the development process — engine suggestions, design, scope, troubleshooting, etc
    4. PR: promoting, preparing, and running the showcase
  11. Can you commit to being an organizer for 1 edition?
  12. Anything else you would like to mention?

If you have any questions about this role, send us an email at

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