Meet the participants of the 10th Pixelles Game Incubator

Firstly, we want to thank everyone for sending in your applications. You are all amazing with talents of your own right, and with so many applicants. Every year, it’s an extremely difficult task to chose among all the wonderful applications. We have tried to pick a group of participants that is varied and balanced, with many different talents, values, experiences, and backgrounds.


Without further ado, meet our participants in this year’s Pixelles Game Incubator X.

In just eight weeks, this new cohort will have designed, created the art, and coded their very first video games!

Abril F.

A girl that dreams of the stars, I am able to see video games as means to better know ourselves.


Hi there! I’m Alex, an artist & web dev who is enthusiastic about languages, plants and collaborative storytelling. I’ve always loved gaming as well as creating things from scratch, so I’m excited to combine those passions!


Alouette Zhang

I am Alouette, a current PhD student studying Human Genetics at McGill. I always find games to be a worry-free place to relax, to indulge, and to convey emotions. During my free time, I love to draw arts and manga stemmed from my favourite games, and more recently, thinking about making spin-off games.


Dallas is a student originally from Vancouver Island. She moved to Montreal to pursue an education in computer science and studies video game creation in her free time. Her goal is to make a mark on the world one pixel at a time!

Maria Côté

My name is Maria and I have a passion for gaming since I was a young child. I dream of creating my own game! Otherwise, I love traveling, taking pictures, animals and being in nature.

Mathilde Le Tacon

Hi! My name is Mathilde, and I’m 23 years old hailing from the sunny state of Texas (but also from France and Canada… it’s a long story)! I have a passion for anything related to the arts including song, dance and theatre, but my number one love has always been creative writing. I’m working on a collection of short stories & can’t wait to take the first step toward my goal of working as a game writer. My favorite games & sources of inspiration are Until Dawn, Bioshock and Mass Effect!

Mercedes Ahari

Studied Industrial Design and Management in Design and Architecture. After years of experience in that field I am finally perusing my long time dream of becoming a Concept Artist.


Part time variety streamer that enjoy jrpgs and indie games and care about self care and mental health and constellations!


Have you ever been with a very, very small dog? That’s pretty much like interacting with me! For those who haven’t been with one before, imagine just a small person who is loud but shy, excited yet anxious, and just pretty lost about 80% of the time.



Vélia is an English to French translator and a wannabe artist. She has no experience making video games, but she grew up playing MMORPGs and board games. She believes this program is the perfect opportunity to mash together some of her interests!

Corinne Crichlow

Growing up we always had fun PC and game tech at home. The games I played were PC based and narrative driven. I built a career around the importance of words and am now exploring narrative design and bridging our natural and digital worlds through games. I’m excited to be joining the Pixelles Game Incubator program..


♥ Our Gracious Partner!

We would like to thank Unity Technologies Montréal to be our program partner again this year! Without their help, this program wouldn’t be as amazing! We’re thrilled to count them as allies who believe in the importance of diversity in video game development!


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