Pixelles is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering more women to make and change games, founded by Tanya Short and Rebecca Cohen-Palacios. Pixelles organizes free monthly workshops, a mentorship program for aspiring women-in-games, game jams, socials and more.

While committed to helping women in game dev, many of their programs and events are open to the community no matter your age, orientation, gender, or background – no experience or programming knowledge required!


Tanya Short (@tanyaxshort)
Rebecca Cohen Palacios (@rebheartsyou)
Stephanie Fisher

Monthly Workshop Coordinator
Rebecca Cohen Palacios (@rebheartsyou)

Mentorship Coordinator
Tanya Short (@tanyaxshort)
Jana Sloan Van Geest (@janamakesgames)

Writer’s Group Coordinator
Jana Sloan Van Geest (@janamakesgames)
Elise Trinh (@lecrivaillante)

Pixelles Game Incubator Coordinators
Jennifer Sunahara
Elaine Gusella (@muselledev)
Maude Roussin

Ensemble at/au GDC Coordinators
Stephanie Fisher
Marion Esquian (@mayhow)
Rebecca Cohen-Palacios (@rebheartsyou)
Tanya Short (@tanyaxshort)


About Pixelles
Pixelles is a non-profit initiative committed to helping more women make and change games. We're based in Montreal, and have already succeeded in building a supportive community of game creators, both hobbyist and professional.

E-mail: info@pixelles.ca
Twitter: @pixellesmtl
Facebook: Pixelles Group
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