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Apply to the GDC Ensemble 2024

GDC stands for the Game Developers Conference. It’s one of the largest conferences on game development in the world featuring panels, lectures, and roundtables on a variety of topics. As part of the GDC Scholarship program, Pixelles is giving away All

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Raffle: Career Coaching Session with Jean Leggett

Jean Leggett is an indie game dev as well as a professional coach. She has worked with over 300 game devs since 2019 in the capacity of a mentor and career and leadership coach.  This raffle offers 3 people of

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Workshop: Creating Culturally Responsive Gaming Experiences

In “Creating Culturally Responsive Gaming Experiences”, a discussion hosted by Mariam Nusrat and Lauren Hofmann of The Equity Gaming Project, you will be able to: Identify the link between gaming + ‘real’ world impacts at a global scale Understand why self-reflection

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BIPOC Creator Program Selections

Thanks to the Canada Media Fund, Pixelles announced its new BIPOC Creator Program in fall of 2020. We are giving up to $10k CAD each to selected Canadian game creators who are Black, Indigenous, or other people of color, as a

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Workshop: Creating Inclusive Characters

Learn about creating authentic, diverse characters [in games] that are not stereotypes. This online presentation discusses: how stereotypes are perpetuated through their use in the media exercises to analyze characters for good representation how active and engaged listening is the

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[:en]Application for the Pixelles BIPOC Creator Program [:fr]Postulez pour le programme de création des PANDC Pixelles

Applications for the current round closed 11:59pm EST, January 24, 2021. Thank you to all who applied to our BIPOC Creator Program, and thank you for your patience as we enter the selection phase. La date limite pour était le

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Finition et débogagePolish and debugging

Ça y est! Nous sommes à la toute fin du programm et vos jeux sont presque terminés… ou pas! N’hésitez pas à continuer de travailler sur vos jeux. Mais, pour l’instant, regardons les questions de débogage et de finition. Here

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Intro au playtest et à l’assurance qualitéIntro to playtesting and quality assurance

Nous sommes déjà à la septième semaine de l’incubateur et les jeux sont prêts à être testés! Cette semaine, nous parlons de tests avec les joueurs et d’assurance qualité, d’importantes étapes dans la conception d’un jeu. We’re already at week

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Workshop: Accessibility in Game UI

Creating a usable game interface extends far beyond pretty colours and a good design sense. Join Kat Dolan & Justine Raymond, Senior UI Designers at Proletariat Inc, known for the popular magic-slinging battle royale, Spellbreak, as they talk about what

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Intro au design narratifIntro to narrative design

Nous avons commencé cette sixème semaine avec une discussion à propos du design narratif avec Jill Murray. On a discuté d’histoire, de narration, des rôles des designers narratifs, et comment inséré des éléments narratifs dans nos environnements de jeu. We’ve

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