Meet the participants of the 10th Pixelles Game Incubator

Firstly, we want to thank everyone for sending in your applications. You are all amazing with talents of your own right, and with so many applicants. Every year, it’s an extremely difficult task to chose among all the wonderful applications.

Call for Game Incubator Coordinators

Pixelles is looking for two game incubator coordinators to help make our flagship program happen. We are especially looking for new coordinators to host the incubator sessions. Please note that all positions at Pixelles are volunteer-based (even the directors are

Intro to polish and debugging

Here we are! We’ve reached the end of this programme and your games are almost done… or not! It’s ok and, in fact, we encourage you to continue working on your games. For now, let’s look at debugging and polish.

Introduction to playtesting and quality assurance

We’re already at week seven of the incubator and the games are now ready to be tested! This week, we met Anne-Li Porlier to talk about playtesting and quality assurance testing, important steps in game making. Learn all her advice

Introduction to narrative design

We’ve started this sixth week with a discussion on narrative design with Elise Trinh. We looked at stories, narration, the different roles related to narration in games and popular beliefs, sometimes true, sometimes false, about narration. Here’s an overview of

Intro to game audio

Hello! Are your projects coming along? Are you happy with what you’ve done so far? We are have officially started the second half of the programme. If you wish to make changes to your game or review its scope, you

Intro to art direction in games

Hello! We are reaching the halfway point of the program this week. You still have time to build your project. In fact, every year, some participants choose to change their game and are surprised with the speed they’ve acquired in

Intro to programming logic

Hello everyone! How’s your game coming along? This week was all about game programming. But before diving in, we have some advice for you. Let’s start! Past incubee’s takeaways – some advice We started the session with a look on

Design, scope and prototyping

And that’s a wrap for week 2 and game ideas are already getting more precise! This week was all about the basics of Game Design. Our incubees were asked to deconstruct their game idea and choose the engine that was

Introductions and inspirations

Here we go for a new edition of the game incubator. For the last 9 years, we’ve had the chance to support new game creators making their first game. This year is once again virtual. Note that our sessions are

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