Pixelle Profile: Alicia Fortier

by Tanya X. Short It’s been awhile since our previous Pixelle Profile, so with a bit of poking, here’s a new one. Hopefully we can try to do them a bit more often, to give insight into what it’s like

Pixelle Profile: Jessica Rose Marcotte

by Tanya X. Short When researching Jessica Rose Marcotte, you can find something along these lines: Jessica Rose Marcotte is a writer and editor currently completing a Masters in Creative Writing at Concordia University. She is the managing editor for Matrix

Play the Games from the Pixelles Showcase!

The games from the first round of Pixelles are available! With the help of Feminists in Games, thirteen women became first-time game makers and created their very own games! We encourage you to play their awesome games and get in

Pixelles Showcase

With tremendous help and support from the games industry Pixelles is proud to present its first showcase! Over the course of six weeks, thirteen women became first-time game makers and created games of their very own! We invite you to

Session 6: Summary

Playtesting Playtesting is a critical part of game design, where someone entirely new to the game is allowed to go through it on their own, without help or hints or explanation from the designer. The idea is to watch and

Session 5: Summary

Meet Khris Brown Our guest speaker this week was Khris Brown, a veteran game dev and bundle of positive energy who has worked on such illustrious games as the Monkey Island series, and now leads the whole Narrative Talent Group

Session 4: Summary

Our special guest this week was Jill Murray, author of several novels and a writer on “Assassin’s Creed: Liberation”. She talked to us about her origins and experiences as a games writer. Jill has been in the industry for about

Session 3: Summary

Mentor Talk: Lynn Hughes, Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) Research Centre, Concordia University Lynn Hughes is one of the co-founders of the TAG lab, and she studies contemporary game culture. Coming from a background of artistic practice and the history

Session 2: Summary

Intro to Game Design This session was mostly about getting familiarized with game design basics, in preparation for turning your roiling ideas into a defined concept. The participants each told the others about their ideas, some with diagrams & illustrations

Session 1: Summary

Pixelles isn’t a university course. Most of the learning you’ll have to do on your own. We’ll suggest tutorials, articles, and tools to get you on your way to making a game. We’re here to provide guidance, experience, and feedback.

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