Pixelles Recommends: 5 Games You May Have Missed

To close out the year, we asked our coordinators if they’d played anything they thought more people should know about. Most of these didn’t release in 2018, but they’re ready to bring some joy or insight (or both) in whatever

Heroes Teacade

When? November 24th, from 2-6pm Where? Google, 1253 McGill College Ave, 1st floor You are cordially invited to attend Heroes Teacade, a heroic afternoon tea party x arcade event. Come and enjoy a selection of heroic and challenging games while

Cozy Alliances Tea Social at GDC18 Wrap-Up

Pixelles, I Need Diverse Games and Game Developers of Color Expo want to thank everyone for coming to our Cozy Alliances Tea Social event. We were proud to host a non-alcoholic, low key networking opportunity for over 150 diversity &

Panel: Networking 101 at GDC & other games events

Does networking make you anxious? Are you feeling overwhelmed just thinking about GDC? Join us on Tuesday, February 27th for a panel on networking and socializing at GDC. You’ll hear experiences and advices on making professional connections at networking events.

Teacade: Moon Magic

When: October 28th, from 2-5pm Where: Gameplay Space, 1435 rue St-Alexandre, Suite 140 Free & VIP Tickets : https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/teacade-moon-magic-tickets-38524674338 You are cordially invited to attend Teacade: Moon Magic, a magical afternoon tea party x arcade event. Come and enjoy a

Pixelles Summer Soiree

Pixelles invites women (cis/trans), non-binary, genderqueer and trans folks of all genders in the Montreal games community to our summer soirée on Jeux WB Montréal’s outdoor terrace. You are welcome at this event whether you’re a full time game developer, student, streamer, academic,

Picnic Social – August Edition // Pique-nique des Pixelles : Édition d’août

Quand/When: Dimanche 13 août 14:00-17:00 // Sunday August 13th from 2-5pm Where/Où: Parc Girouard @ Sherbrooke & Girouard Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/410008549395523/ (RSVP optional!) A low-key hangout with friendly folks. All genders and ages welcome. Feel free to just attend, or

Social 2017: Picnic Social – June Edition // Pique-nique des Pixelles : Édition de Juin

Quand/When: Juin 3 14:00-17:00 // June 3rd from 2-5pm Where/Ou: Parc Lafontaine @

Teacade: Spiritum Fabula

When: October 22nd, from 2-5pm Where: Gameplay Space, 1435 rue St-Alexandre, Suite 140 Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/169411560129688/ You are cordially invited to attend Teacade: Spiritum Fabula, a spooky afternoon tea party x arcade event. Enjoy a selection of wonderfully alternative games

Picnic Social – Labour Day Edition

When: Sunday, September 4th from 2-5pm Where: Parc Lafontaine @ the Rachel & Calixa-Lavallee entrance near the rows of benches! Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1733947170191674/ You’re invited to our open air, in-the-park, picnic social! We love summer, we love games, and most

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