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Pixelles is happy to announce a brand new program, the C’est Fini! Fund, made possible through the generous support of WarnerMedia Access Canada and in collaboration with WB Games Montréal. This fund is meant to help creators finish their games so that they can put them on the market/for sharing, move onto future projects, or just to cross the finish line.

We will be offering up to $10,000 CAD along with tailored mentorship to game creators from underserved communities identifying as Indigenous, Black or racialized persons based in Canada. This funding is a grant, so there is no recoup, no publishing, or specific platform requirements.

Thank you for your applications. Applications closed on 11:59pm March 28, 2022!


You (or your team) can apply for the C’est Fini Fund if you:

  • Currently reside in Canada
  • Are Canadian citizen(s) or permanent resident(s)
  • Are creatively led by a person from identifying as Indigenous, Black or from a racialized community. Note that the game’s team must be primarily composed of members identifying as Indigenous, Black or racialized and the team must not exceed three (3) full-time members.
  • Are mid-career (5+ years of experience as a professional game developer AND must have created at least 1 game that is publicly available to play)

Here is a copy of the application questions.

Questions about eligibility or the application? Check out our FAQ! An information session was held on Zoom at 12pm EST, March 11, 2022.



Who can apply?

Canada-based game creators from underrepresented communities identifying as an Indigenous, Black, or racialized creator with 5+ years of experience who have completed at least one game and are currently in late-stage development of a game.

What games “count” towards the minimum 5 years professional experience?

Part-time work, game jam games, or cancelled games count. Games created during a school program do not count.

I currently live outside of Canada but I am a Canadian citizen. Can I still apply?

No. You must be living within Canada. You must also have a Canadian bank account that can receive a wire transfer.

As a FNMI (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) person, I do not consider myself a Canadian citizen or refer to the territory I reside on as Canada. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, absolutely. In your application, please don’t hesitate to refer to your nation and traditional territories, whether or not you currently reside there.

I am in the middle of the development cycle. Can I apply to this program?

You must be within 6 months of finishing your current game. The application will ask for a detailed timeline, and the final installment of the grant will be sent upon completion of a “market-ready” game.

The Game

What do you mean by “market-ready” game?

The game is available for distribution and to play by the public (e.g. it is posted on a platform such as itch.io).

What do you mean by “strong authorial voice”?

The project should strongly reflect the author’s voice/identity/personality, be it through the game’s narrative, setting, art style, etc.

Does my game have to be commercial? Does it have to be free?

We have no preference for either commercial or non-commercial works.

Do you accept board games, card games, and/or tabletop roleplaying games?

No. This fund is only applicable to digital games, or experiences with a primarily digital interaction component.


Does my application and/or game need to be in English?

No, you can submit your application in either English or French. French applications will be professionally translated into English for the review committee. We do this because while some of our committee members can read French, the only language the entire selection committee speaks is English.

If I submit my application in French, will my additional documents also be translated into French?

Only the application questions will be translated from French to English. Extra documents submitted with this application will not be translated.


How will I receive the funding?

The funding is in two instalments, sent to the selected applicant by wire transfer. You must have a Canadian bank account in order to receive the wire transfer.

What expenses are eligible for my proposed budget?

There are no restrictions on how you spend the $10,000.

Can I use this money just to pay rent?

Yes. In the budget justification section of the application (Budget and Calendar: “Please describe how you are going to spend the money obtained through the C’est Fini! Fund.”), we advise that you explain how using funds to pay for rent would allow you to complete the game.


Who will be reviewing my application?

Our selection committee is composed of folks who have served as reviewers for our previous Creator Funds. We hope to conclude evaluations and distribute funds by mid-June 2022.

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